There are few things a Man must seek in a Woman before he asks her to marry her if he wants a happy home.
For your own good, do not marry a woman who:

1) Doesn’t Love/Fear God.

It goes without saying, her love for abs submission to God will influence her love for and Submission to you, and constrain her from doing many things, thus ensuring Peace in your home.

A Woman who doesn’t love God can do and undo, remember, the heart of (the natural) Man/Woman is DESPERATELY wicked.

2) Is not Submissive.

You are doing yourself a lot of harm by marrying a rebel as a wife…

A woman who doesn’t listen to you.

Of course, you are not expected to marry a zombie or robot, she should have her own voice and rights, but an independent woman is different from an unsubmissive woman.

3) Doesn’t Respect You.

Do not marry a lady who shows consistent disregard and disrespect for people, and for you. It’s suicide.

When through her words and actions, she is basically looking down on you, your job, your age, your looks, and yet dating you,
When she won’t take your corrections, insults you at every provocation, when she can look you in the eye and do anything she likes, my brother, Run,..

Run, let your legs be touching you head..

4) Doesn’t Give you peace of Mind.

There are ladies that are wahala personified, you can’t please them, as in Premium Packaged Problem (PPP)

Women that make their grown up husbands stay back in the office after the close of work because there’s no peace at home.

When you are not a man of War, you that is a preacher of love, you want to marry a liquid metal. Fire down Sir, the divorce lawyer that will handle your case has just been called to Bar

You are in the relationship yet to be married and you already have no peace, and you still want to marry her because of big breast, big BREAST with big STRESS, by the time you have big HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, you will understand that Man shall not marry by size alone…

A Woman that is always coming up with problems, her problems are like the mercies of God, they are new every morning, uncle, leave her shape and curves, run for your life

Don’t marry a toxic lady, you will end up with genuine hypertension, honest depression, and sincere isolation……..
Dear Brother, hear wisdom,
no go dey look WAIST go marry bad wife, you will be WAISTED.

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