Look deep into the picture that is the way CEOs, company directors, company owners behave to their workers. Imagine a cold sea with much ice then the CEO send you to work inside the sea with your whole body becoming cold and ice the CEO have a small Kettle of hot water pouring it far from where you are in other to warm you a little.

Me and you know that hot water coming out of the kettle cannot change the sea temperature. That is the way workers in the whole world suffers from their CEOs. They give you very small money that will keep you with them. They won’t pay you enough to save and become rich. Cos they want you to remain with them and keep feeding from the remains of their table.

The fight to be free from this labour slavery must be very intense it won’t happen just by mere talk, prayers, wishes you must be deliberate, well positioned, you must be aware and conscious of what you need. See this trend is everywhere in the world. Every company owner only value you because of the work you do for them and because they are using you the day they are done with you nothing will keep you.

They day you get injured or die they won’t shut down the company for even one day for your sake. See no matter the good work you do anywhere it will be forgotten one day.
It’s time to grow your brand, it’s time to rebirth that small dreams or ideas even though it’s just small start small and watch it grow. Am not saying don’t work ooo but am saying work with the purpose of creating a life for yourself or else you will forever remain a slave to your CEO.

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