In the African setting, the way most couples lead their marital lives, you will be left to wonder whether if being faithful married is the responsibility of the wife only. Most times we hear the society tell our women, pray away the “side chicks” or “the husband snatchers” from your husbands. In some cases, we see women praying and fasting hard or even attending vigils to keep their marriage or rescue their erring husbands from strange women when they do nothing themselves to keep their marriage working. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s wrong!

It’s a very wrong approach to having a working marriage! If you are a Bible believing Christian, you should know that the secular and spiritual race of the child of God is a personal one. Individually, we are to watch over ourselves secularly and spiritually because we will all give account to God personally for our deeds. As a married man, I fear God and I respect my wife.

I am not sure that my wife has ever prayed for me that God should help me from the side chicks of this world. It’s not sinful for her to pray for me that way, but it’s unnecessary. Do you know why? I pray for God’s help to be able to stand strong in the face of sexual temptations, and most importantly, stay away from habits and behaviours that will land me into troubles. Dear husband, as friendly as I am, I consciously avoid unnecessary and intimate interactions with the opposite sex. I don’t play and touch women who are not wife.

I don’t chat, text or call women except my counselees and everything is professional about the whole session. Dear husband it’s not only a wife’s responsibility to be sexually pure in marriage; it’s both spouses’ duty. Marriage only works when the two spouses are committed to upholding the ethos of marriage. So making one’s spouse to be praying for a husband who is refusing to take personal responsibility for his sexuality is wrong.

Now my question is: All these husbands who always say that their wives should pray for them so that they won’t fall into sexual temptations, how of them are praying for their wives not to fall into sexual temptations also? Oh, do you think women don’t get tempted sexually also like men do? Do you think other men don’t admire our wives at work, on the street, in church, at public functions?

Honestly, the African society encourages and condones the sexual misconduct of men. But that must stop! Dear husband, sexual faithfulness in marriage is the real deal. A faithful husband is a real man because it takes discipline and self-control to be and remain faithful to one’s wife. I have never cheated on my wife once. Not even when we were living in different cities because of our jobs.

As a child of God who wants to please God and enjoy a blissful marriage, I behave right in the presence or absence of my wife. My wife will never have to pray that God should stop all the side chicks and husband snatchers from getting close to me or seducing me to have sex with them . Frankly speaking, it’s not really her duty to do so, but mine. Don’t I want to please God myself?

I want. Don’t I want to enjoy a blissful marriage myself? I want! Don’t I want to make heaven at last myself? I want!. So how is it now my wife’s responsibility to watch over my spiritual life? Bless God if my wife prays for me against sexual temptations, but it’s my personal business with God to lead a godly life. Many thanks for reading, commenting, liking and sharing. See you at the top!

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