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Sex has turned many ladies into a mystery of thinking what they feel for a particular guy is true love. You meet a guy, he takes you out; He had a great sex with you, it was like heaven to you. He makes you feel happy. Because you enjoyed him so much you start assuming both of you are meant to be together as husband & wife. You start dreaming of your future with him while he’s just having fun. Your feelings for him has blindfolded you from seeing things from the reality point of view.

You find yourself infatuated with him just because you don’t want to feel used & dumped. Sometimes you need to sit down & ask yourself; what do i really love about this guy? Do I see Christ in him? Is he a guy I can boldly take to my pastor? Can Introduce him as my husband to people who are responsible? You know the guy is not capable of being a good husband & father; yet you want to kill yourself because of him.

But sometimes you need to differentiate between what you just feel and what you really deserve. Don’t start dreaming of your future with a guy who is just catching his fun. Don’t attach a permanent feeling to a temporal person. Don’t open up your heart to a guy who doesn’t open his bible. Stop chasing after a guy who doesn’t chase after God. My dear! Maybe as a lady your lifestyle is not pleasing to God, today is your day of salvation.

Don’t wait till when you marry & divorce before you realize you need Jesus. You don’t have to wait till when you become a single mother before you aspire to be an evangelist. Give your life to Jesus now and He will give you a man who will take care of you. You cannot receive anything from God until you first receive His only Son because Jesus is everything that God has given for you.

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