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Lots of unplanned relationships have left painful scars in the hearts of lots of people. People accept all sorts of proposals just because they are single, lonely or unmarried. Not because they planned for it, so everything takes them by surprise in the end. What they thought would end up in marriage, ended up in a heart break.

I am shocked when people describe unplanned or unprepared sex as “it just happened”. How can sex between you and someone just happen? When you ask if they were drunk, the answer is no. When you ask if they were drugged, the answer is no. It didn’t just happen. What they are saying is, they didn’t plan for it.

During this pandemic when you watch news reports, some of the worst affected are people living in the slums. Having no meaningful work, no proper shelter yet they have five kids, six kids, even seven kids. It’s not that they don’t know their condition. So why have that number of children knowing you don’t have what it takes to cater for them?

The answer is, they didn’t plan. Lots of single ladies have had countless abortions, something they regretted or didn’t like, but it kept happening, one after the other. When you ask how come she had to abort or get rid of a child she didn’t need or want, the answer is, they were not ready. All they are saying is, they didn’t plan.

You don’t want a child but are comfortably having unprotected sex. No wise person sees trouble ahead and runs to embrace it. One of the things that differentiates a fool from the wise person is planning. Fools don’t plan, they don’t just take anything seriously. The wise on the other hand plan their lives because they value life and take it seriously. They know what they are looking for and plan and work towards that.

Truth be told, during the recent lock down, lots of unplanned relationships started, many unplanned babies were made leading to unwanted abortions. Women are at the receiving end since they are created as natural receivers. The men give, they receive. That’s why men have penis, whilst they have vagina.

The women suffer the most or are mostly the disadvantaged as a result of these unplanned relationships. Besides the broken heart or disappointment, they are left to their fate to deal with these pregnancies or the child. While the man is on the run to the next available victim. Yet lots of ladies act silly and get carried away without thinking twice. They act before thinking. I am not in any way insulting any woman, I am only describing how many of them behave, and it is not nice.

Ladies, plan your life. Plan your future, plan your career, plan your relationship, plan your marriage, plan your family. Don’t get into things which are not in your plan. When you plan, you set yourself a goal you want to achieve. Your goal becomes your focus. You work towards your goal.

When a man approaches you in the name of a relationship, pause and ask yourself if you need that and whether you have planned for that. If it is not in your plans or reach, don’t accept or entertain it.

You are studying someone for marriage and they are asking for sex, you’ve got to ask yourself if you planned for that. You can further ask your partner If they’ve planned for a child, if they are looking for a child or marriage. Don’t just get into bed and trust that you are having sex in a safe period or you trust your withdrawal skills etc.

Don’t accept excuses from people who don’t plan their lives. Marriage is not for strangers, it’s for family, people who know what they want and are willing to sacrifice for it. Those who give you excuses are strangers and not candidates for marriage. Always remember Its only strangers who need excuses to get close.

When you plan, you are not overwhelmed, things don’t take you by surprise. You are always ahead of time. Un-planning is one of the major contributing factors to disappointment, broken heart, failed relationships and divorce.

In conclusion, “Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hurry and scurry puts you further behind” – Proverbs 21:5 (MSG).

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