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Don’t Throw Away What You cannot Buy Back


Years back, I was in a relationship with a beautiful lady and close to the time I thought we weren’t going to lose it, she told me that the relationship won’t be able to work out for us. She refused to tell me the reason but few weeks after, she introduced someone else to the family and they later got married. I still moved.

Few years back, she began to get closer to me through chat and one day that she couldn’t hold it anymore, she opened up to me that marrying her husband with the feeling that he had all the comfort she wanted was her biggest mistake because every dream she had that I was pushing her to achieve, he bottled them and always threaten to harm her if she dared take a step outside his order. She remind me that I wasn’t like him and she would wish that there is a way God changes the moment.

The truth is this, nothing stays the same always. That guy, that girl will grow and become something you ain’t seeing at the moment.

We often make this terrible mistake of assuming that what we see at the moment is everything about what we see.

One of Michelangelo’s finest works was the ‘David’s statue’ that was carved from the road side bin. It has always been a road side bin but there was a statue inside it.

When you are about to throw that relationship away, be sure that you know what is hiding inside it. Letting go of someone sometimes has to do with letting go of our chances of having the best destiny experience.

Lot left Abraham at the point that there were not enough grasses for their flocks. He saw a greener land but never knew that God had marked Soddom for demolition.

Most people that own big businesses and many houses today came to the city on borrowed shoe and clothes. Remember that in April 1974 when Phil Emegwali came to America, he was homeless and jobless.

Don’t let go what you can’t fight back to reclaim.

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