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For All The Crazy Lovers Out There


“Sometimes, closeness starts a break up”

Men often want closeness when the relationship just started but on the long run, they usually want a gap and that is the time women would want closeness.

Spending weekends all the time at a man’s house does not bring two of you closer than before. When a man knows what he wants, distance or closeness does not change it.

I have been able to mentor thousands of people in relationships through social media and one thing stood out. women who gave all their time and resources often lose it. Yes, that was my finding and the reason being that men don’t often want what women want.

The appetite for sex could lead a man to make early commitment in a relationship as if he was going to be there for her forever. A man can give a woman a key to his house not with the intention of getting married to her but to get her more closer for his satisfaction. I think a lot of ladies reading this now are victims of over time spending in a man’s house.

To build a relationship, a woman does not need to make the man’s house her house. Frequent visitation is not an ingredient for a successful relationship. It only motivates for frequent sex and devaluation of the relationship.

The fact that you are living in a man’s house does not stop his sexual appetite towards other women. Most times, men build relationship they value with another woman when there is another woman spending all her weekends in their house.

It’s not about your presence in a man’s house but in his heart. If you are not yet in his heart, you are just like a wall paper in his house. You can be there for a while and still be changed and nobody would ever know that you were once the colour in that house.

Over hanging around a man reveals your weakness than your strenght. A purpose driven woman is too busy to have time for a man all the time. Take this point home.

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