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Guys, be sure she loves you! before proposing to her


To save yourself from unnecessary embarrassment and heartbreak, you must understand and take note of some important things before going ahead to make that marriage proposal.

That a lady is in a relationship with you does not mean that she has marriage in plans with you. She can be with you only for the benefit of what she is receiving from you while her heart belongs to someone else. Before you propose to her, be sure that you are not the only one in that relationship to avoid getting disappointed.

Stop having the mindset that spending and giving to a lady will hold her down or make you win her over. That does not guarantee her staying with you forever. If you like spend all the money in your account, it wouldn’t change her mind to stay if she does not wish to. It is only a lady that wants to stay that will cling to you forever. When you continue spending on her and she later rejected or disappointed you, the pain of the expenses you spent on her will also add to the heartbreak.

You must also know that putting on the same clothes with her or she putting on the same clothes with you does not mean that she loves you or has made up her mind to stay with you.

A lady can be with you and might never wish to marry you, she might only have you around her to help ease her of her pain from previous heartbreak(s), to keep her company and use you to wipe away the time till she meets with her other better half. Imagine you proposing to such a lady, won’t she reject your proposal?.

You cannot also tie a lady down with you by proposing to her (either privately or publicly). If she does not love you, that trick wouldn’t work. This is one of the reasons why some men cause embarrassment for themselves during a public proposal.

If she has opened up to you about not having an interest in you, respect her decision on that. Do not say that she will accept you when you propose to her publicly; even if she accepted that public proposal, she might have done it to save you from a public embarrassment but mind you, not all ladies are mature enough to do that.

Before you pop the question “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” to her, ensure that you are both on the same page (you both have marriage in view). Asking her if she will marry you when she is not ready could be the wrong question to ask her at the wrong time.

Before you ask her that question, during some of your conversations with her, try to bring in some discussions about proposal to her just to know if she is ready for it or not. To also know if she is the type that also fancy a public proposal, during some of your conversations, bring in related topics (tell her about some post on public proposals that you have seen and you might even show her some videos) to know her view on it.

Through her response, you will know if she is the type that fancy a public proposal or not. Not all ladies love public proposals. To you, you want to show her off and prove to her that you are proud of her publicly. It is one of the ways you can express your love and affection to her but to her, she might see it as a big turn-off.

Don’t also rush the proposal, ensure that she has know much about you, and also be sure that you already know much about her before proposing. If she feels that she has not known much about you, she might reject your marriage proposal. She might see you as someone taking things too fast than normal. Some ladies love taking things slowly.

Also, before proposing to a lady, be sure that there are no red signs from her. Is her mind still with you? Is she still the same person you know her to be? Are there no changes in her behavior? Does she value you like before?; and so on. Some of those signs will also guide you if you should go ahead to propose or not. If you observe any changes in her, deal with it first before making your proposal.

If you ignore those signs and go ahead with the marriage proposal, she might reject your proposal and that might be because her mind is made up not to stay with you again and this might lead to heartbreak for you.

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