What’s wrong with your wife? Why is your fiancee acting cold? Why wouldn’t your lady friend accept your marriage proposal? Why does your wife hate sex and tune off each time you are horny? Why does she hate this thing as much as you love it? Why won’t she get orgasm?

She’s always shouting, nagging, yelling, criticizing or cold, withdrawn and malicious, what is her problem? What are you doing wrong? How can you get past her annoying behaviour and win her heart over and over again? How can you make her fall in love with you? How can you make her go completely crazy for you? How can you turn her on for sex and make her enjoy it as much as you do?

1) Understand that women are complex because of our emotions. We are not as straight forward with our emotion as you do. We may laugh now, burst into tears next minute, be friendly now or get angry in the next few minutes.

This is due to our monthly cycle. it is responsible for the change in our behaviour. Our hormones doesn’t work the same way yours does. We need plenty of your love, patience, understanding and affection when we seem “irrational”. After the menstruation is over, trust us, we are as affectionate as you can ever imagine us to be.

2) Understand, that the major gate to our hearts are our ears. We love to hear those sweet romantic words. We don’t get tired of hearing the “I love you”, “you are so beautiful”, “you are special”, “you are a great cook”, “you are the best gift God has ever given to me.” They make our hearts tingle and we fall in love with you over and over again. Husbands, learn to tell your wife those sweet words as often as possible. She needs to hear them.

3) Understand that what makes us feel loved are not really the mansion, Bentley Continental GT, 100 carat gold or 25,000 pounds diamond ring, those are good but they soon become valueless if you don’t show us affection, love and care.

4) Your job is important but we are different from your job. Women are time intensive. As you spend quality time on your job, also spend time with us. We love you to talk to us, heart to heart, soul to soul. We love deep, intimate communication.

5) Understand that we love you be in the kitchen with us once in a while. Assisting us with chores when we are tired makes you look so sexy. It turns us on and makes us willing and ready to get intimate in the bedroom. Stop running away from house chores. It is a great sex booster for women when their husbands cooks, sweeps, takes care of the baby while they relax after a hard day job (read SEX BEGINS IN THE KITCHEN by Kelvin Leman, it will help a lot).

6) Understand that abusing, criticizing and shouting at us make us get defensive and bitter. Women hate to be shouted at. It makes us feel unloved, angry and frustrated.

7) Understand that we love it when you pay your bills on time. We hate it when rents are due, Landlord gives us a quit notice, children are sent back home for owing school fees and we become a laughing stock in the community.

8) Understand that we love it when you do morning devotion with us, pray for the family and take the spiritual leadership in the home. It increases our respect for you.

9) Understand that we eternally admire men with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. It makes us seek your advice from time to time and enjoy listening to you over and over again.

10) Understand that we love romance more than sex and we will eagerly participate in love making if you will patiently, lovingly work on our body. Your wife doen’t want you to pounce on her when you need sex. She wants you to first communicate your day with her, listen to her problems and challenges, hug her, touch her slowly and patiently romance her till she “wakes up” for you.

11) Understand that every part of her body is meant to give you pleasure. Find out about her erotic zones, maximize them and learn to turn her on for sex. Her ear lobes, inner thigh, and the beautiful designs on her chest, between her thigh, etc are designed to be “played” softly with. Maximize foreplay and she will enjoy love making. Learn to bring her to orgasm and she will love making love over and over again.

12) Staring at other women is enough to drive your wife insane. No woman likes it, she jealously watches over you. Protect her love for you.

13) We love complete honesty and openness. Secret chats, affairs, sexual partners and secret wives can devastate and shatter any woman. Be honest in all your dealings. Put her mind at rest. Give her reasons to defend you when you are falsely accused. Every woman wants to trust her man.

These and more are the key to any woman’s heart. If you can do these over and over again, she will fall head over heels in love with you, hold you tight and never let you go.

Please, note that sex and romance are strictly for the married not the singles or those in courtship. Wait till you get married and enjoy sex properly on your matrimonial bed. Don’t do what you will regret for life in courtship. Pre-marital sex is a sin.

I hope this article has blessed you today. Feel free to share. God bless you. Cheers!

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