Don’t marry someone just because he or she likes you. Such a person can lose interest in you or make other things a priority above you. In our various homes we have items we like yet some are treated better than others due to their value. The higher the value the better the treatment or the dearer the item becomes to us. This is the same way we treat people and relationships.

Marry someone who values you, “likes” are not enough to sustain a marriage. Having same or similar qualities of the ideal man or woman they want to settle down with does not mean they will treat you as important as you want to be treated. Have you asked yourself how some spouses don’t treat their partner the way they want to be treated, yet we assume that when you are married, the two shall become one.

The man or woman who values you, sees you as themselves. They place on you the same value they place on themselves. They will treat you as they want to be treated. When they see you, they don’t see your mistakes, flaws or weaknesses; they see you as they themselves. So they treat you with the same respect and love. They focus on your strengths.

There are marriages or relationships today, where people treat their partner just as their partner treats them but not how they wanted to be treated. “If she is not calling, I won’t call either”. “If he does not respect me, I won’t respect him either”. This is because they like you for what you do for them, when you stop, they stop too.

Marriages are breaking today because of that. It is easy for a husband or wife to leave the marriage than to help their partner change. It is easy for a spouse to search for a replacement than to be patience for their partner to change. It is so hard to pay evil with good, mistakes with correction, revenge with forgiveness.

The reason why God continues to show us His goodness and kindness is because of how He values us. He places His image on us as a value, so He sees us as Himself. The Bible says “So God created human beings[a] in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them” – Genesis 1:27 (NLT). That is why He does not pay us back the way we deserve. That is why He is so forgiving. That is why He is so caring. That is why He loves us. God does not like us. God values us.

It is not love if you are not valued. The one who values you prays for you but the one who likes you compares you with others. If your partner values you, changes in the size of your body won’t cause him to lose interest in you.

If they value you, they won’t leave you for their Ex no matter how strong their feeling for them was or the memories they shared. If they value you, they won’t value their phone than you, they won’t value their cars or mansion than you. If he values you, he will protect you.

If she values you, she won’t insult you.
In your current relationship, are you valued or liked. Don’t let someone lie that they love you but make you feel worthless. If you are not the most person or one of the most important persons in their lives, you are not valued. If you are not prioritized, you are not loved.

Love is not about feelings but value. Your feeling for someone can change but not the value. The reason why he will tell you in the beginning of the relationship, “I love you so much” but later tell you he has run out of love for you, is because you were not valued.

In conclusion, God is saying “You are of great worth in My eyes. You are honored and I love you. I will give other men in your place. I will trade other people for your life” – Isaiah 43:4 (NLV).

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