When a relationship is over, it’s hard for some people to know or notice it and because of that, they find it hard to let go and move on to their next stage of life. They rather deny themselves growth; it is painful to see your Ex happy with someone else, while you are sad or hurt because you are not taking the right initiative to move on. People who do that hold on to past memories, expired promises and how they anticipated the relationship to be. Some even hold on to items of their Ex-partner such as personal effects.

The funny part is that, they have no intention of using the items they seized or refused to give back to their Ex. As a matter of fact, they don’t need the items, yet they withhold them. In some cases, the Ex-partner tried all means to come for it without success. They just frustrate the Ex’s effort so they end up abandoning the things with them.

Keeping the personal effects of your Ex as a form of punishment for them rather ends up as a punishment for yourself. Such items will cause problems for you and your future relationship. By keeping the items with you, you are just telling your new partner that you are not over with your Ex, that you still have a relationship with them.

When a relationship is over, you don’t need to keep your boyfriend or girlfriend’s stuff around or with you, especially personal effects like clothing etc. Keeping them can create a crack in your new relationship. A trust cracks. You make it hard for your new partner to trust you. In the mind of your new partner, If you are treating your Ex’s personal belonging like treasure then you don’t need them.

Your new partner will doubt your love, plans and intention for the relationship. They will not be willing to commit to the relationship. To your new partner, holding on to your Ex’s stuff means you still have faith in that relationship. You still believe you can come back together one day. How do you expect your new partner to trust you?

If the reason for holding on to such items is because you find it hard to forgive your Ex, you need to know that the items won’t make you forget them either. Learn to forgive them, that is how you heal. If they rejected you for someone, keeping the items will hurt you more. Once the relationship is over, get a car or dispatch rider to send their stuff to them. Take such an opportunity to clean and prepare your home for someone better.

Yes, you may have lost someone you once loved but the good news is that, you will end up winning the love of your life if you can let go your Ex. Find yourself! Let go the personal belonging, don’t hold on to the memories. And watch things fall into their right place. Make yourself available for love to find you. Make it easy for your new partner to trust and be committed to you.

In conclusion “for where your treasure is, there your heart [your wishes, your desires; that on which your life centers] will be also” – Matthew 6:21 (AMP).

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