I know you love him so much, but please love yourself too.
I know you care so much about that man, but please care about yourself too. Sis, I know you are willing to sacrifice a lot of things for him, but please, when will you ever prioritize yourself? Haven’t you heard, as it’s written,” You shall love your neighbor, “just as you love” yourself. [Matthew 22:39]. God’s order is that you love you first, before extending the same love to another person.

When i hear of a woman wanting to commit suicide because of love, all i ask is, when is this girl going to love herself first? When will she ever put herself before any man?
Men hurt, Yes, they terribly hurt women, but you have no right to think of terminating the gift that God gave you, “LIFE”, for the sake of a man!

When you go into a relationship, as i always say, please don’t depend on your heart and feelings only. Take your head with you and reason out some of this things, as God leads you.
Sometimes taking a break from a relationship is better than thinking of death, to prove to someone you loved him! After you are gone, he might even pick another woman from your funeral committee, and start life again, so why think of stopping your life, because of a mere mortal man?

Let me ask you, if your man died now, will life not continue for you? Will it stop because your boyfriend is dead? Why place your life and clog all your hopes in a man who will die one day? Hope and trust in God and yourself, before hoping in any man who might not love you in the first place.

Why put so much of your trust and your hopes in a man whom God made from the dust of the earth? When will you put all that hope, trust and confidence in the God who gives us all things to enjoy? Actually, it’s God who has the right man for you.
It’s God, whose gifts when given, never makes us regret. Whatever is good and perfect, as the bible says, is a gift coming down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens.

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