I mean premarital sex. He will tell you all the lies you can’t imagine in this world. If you are a fool, you will fall for them and bite your fingers for life!

1) HE SAYS YOU ARE SEXY: That is not a compliment, it is an insult! When a man says you are sexually attractive, he has stripped you naked with his eyes, jumping into bed with you is next step. If you are naive, you may smile it away because you lack good self esteem and say, “Tere is no big deal about it”, “it is just a compliment,” “shebi he is my Pastor in school” and all those stupid explanations that makes me wants to “sound” some ladies!

2) HE SAYS VIRGINITY IS NO BIG DEAL, it is character that matters. There are wise and foolish virgins. God will forgive you after he has deflowered you. “There is now no more condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus.” You are in Christ Jesus and having sex like crazy? No! You are in Satan’s pit! It takes character to keep your virginity, you lack character to lose it! Only wise virgins keep theirs till marriage, the foolish ones lose it cheaply!

Once he can sell those lies to you and you lose it, you lose your self respect by 80% and you will regret that sex for life! Don’t have sex so you can seek forgiveness later. God will forgive you but you will bear the consequence of your folly!

3) “EVERYBODY IS DOING IT!” That is rubbish, senseless and plain stupid! I know lots of virgins who are not doing it! I know handsome, tush guys, super beautiful virgins who are still intact. Don’t let any man fool you into thinking you are the odd one out. It’s a lie! He is the one who is short sighted and being sent by the devil to ruin your life!

4) “A VIRGIN’S VAGINA IS TOO TIGHT, YOUR HUSBAND WILL NOT LIKE IT, LET ME HELP YOU EXPAND IT”. He is sick! Who made him the lord of vaginas and your future husband’s vagina helper? If he must help anybody, let him help his younger or elder sisters. After all, charity begins at home!

5) “IF YOU LOVE ME, YOU WILL MAKE LOVE TO ME”. If he loves you, he will make patience to you. A boy who has no job, has no roof over his head, is still schooling, can’t take responsibility for a wife and a baby, is too small to pay your bride price and marry you properly doesn’t need love making, he needs sense making! Tell him to face his studies or look for job and marry you properly first then there will be plenty of love making IN MARRIAGE!

6) “I CANNOT CONTROL MYSELF WHEN I SEE YOU”. He needs chain around his neck and hands to put him under control. Only mad men or animals lack self control and have sex anywhere, anyhow. If he lacks self control before marriage, you are in soup after marriage. He can sleep with anything including your nanny, sister or mother. Never marry a man who lacks self control.

7) “I HAVE STOMACH PAIN, DOCTOR SAID I MUST HAVE SEX TO EASE THE PAIN.” When did you become a sex doctor whose vagina is made for accumulating unwanted sperm from hell bound flagrant disobedient children of perdition? God says He hates premarital sex, He hates sin! He hates fornication and their final abode is hell! You say you want to help him by submitting your sacred vagina to be used as a sex relief machine and end up in hell like him? Issokay!

8) “IF YOU DON’T HAVE SEX WITH ME, I WILL HAVE IT WITH SOMEONE ELSE BECAUSE I CANNOT KILL MYSELF”. Hmmm? Premarital Sex will still kill you big time if you don’t repent! Remember those FUTO boys who died after that senseless sex romp! That is how sexual addiction will push you till it takes your life if you don’t stop! Mammy waters are very much in existence! Ladies also use sperm for money ritual. There are some accursed vaginas you must not assess, once you go in, bye bye to your destiny for life! Ladies, if you sleep with a man who sleeps around at random, you will share in his doom!

9) “DON’T LISTEN TO SEXUAL PURITY PREACHERS, THEY ARE TEACHING RUBBISH”. Okay, premarital sex is not rubbish, abi? They hated Jesus passionately for teaching the truth. Only a child of Satan will support premarital sex because God is firmly against it.

10) “YOU ARE TOO FRIGID, YOU NEED TO LOOSEN UP”. Did he see you with ropes or chain tied around your neck, hands and feet? So what does he want to loosen up? Who sent him unsolicited message?

His misdirected erection? While his mates are busy pursuing their dreams, working on their vision, making good, clean money, he is disturbing daughters of Sarah all over the street, looking for who will help him quench the self imposed fire on his penis?

He is not fit for friendship talk less of dating, courtship or marriage, cut him from your life and pray for a godly, sensible, hardworking, young man to marry. A vision less, penis directed, aimless, idle young man is not a good marriage candidate at all.

The list goes on and on but I will stop here to save time. Guide your heart with all diligence ladies. Get close to God. Obey His word so that no one will sweep you off with satanic lies and destroy the treasures God has deposited in you. Premarital sex will reduce your value and make you lose your treasures.

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