Anytime people want to express love, they use symbols like heart, flower, etc. which means God didn’t make a mistake when He gave Adam his first job as a gardener; to make the garden beautiful, and later tasked husbands to love their wives.

Taking care of a garden requires lots of hard work, taking its beauty into consideration by constant watering, clearing of weeds, pruning, etc. The man was tasked to learn how to bring out the beauty in things and it was no accident when he was given a beautiful woman as a wife and then asked to love and make her more beautiful.

Many young single men these days are filled with so much pride, call it “too known”. When it comes to matters of marriage, there is nothing like planning. They plan for their career but nothing for marriage and family. They date anything in skirt, they want to climb any hip, conquer and that is what makes them feel like a man. They spend time and money attending school and other educational/career meetings but see marriage seminars as a waste of time.

The only time they seek for help is when they lose the lady they once dated and realize she was good but took her for granted; that is when they look for people to plead on their behalves. They were dating this particular lady but acted like they didn’t like her, claiming that if you show ladies too much love, they fool around.

Until another man starts treating this lady right and loving her, then they come around begging for second chances. You disrespect the lady so much until another man shows up and treats her how she deserves to be treated. And when she turns you down, you rain insults on her, call her names like a whore, and you act like a baby boy. Well the truth is, no serious woman wants a boy for a husband.

Marriage is for men, mature and serious men who know what they have. Listen to me, no serious woman will accept your apologies, it means nothing, they are just empty words, words you use as a cover up for misbehaving. It is time for you to learn from your mistakes and build your life. No one wants to be played over and over again; only fools do that.

Yes, she might be crazily in love with you, has vowed to be with you, and even do “dirty stuff” for you in the name of love; you might be the first person in her life but that doesn’t mean she has to be a fool and remain in a bad relationship. It is time for you to learn not to break the one who bends for you out. The breakup serves as a scar, a reminder to keep yourself in check whenever you have a woman in your life. Allow her to enjoy her new life.

Stop chasing her, stop threatening the good man who is taking care of what you threw away. You can only take care of what you value. No one cares for things that has no value to them; you don’t even spent time on it. So if you are a young lady, dating a man and he treats you anyhow, or you don’t feel loved, please let that relationship go.

Guys, I love you is not a license to hurt her. It’s a privilege to learn how to love and treat her right. If you want to have a successful marital life, I challenge you to make it a goal to invest your time and resource in learning about marriage and women. In conclusion “You were bought with a price; do not become slaves of men” – 1 Corinthians 7:23 (TLV).

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