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Phones don’t break marriages


Phones don’t break marriages but Cheating does. Phones just reveal the cheating. Even flirting outside marriage is cheating and often leads to physical cheating. If you delete the chats and call history, you were cheating!

When your partner smells shenanigans, they get tempted to check your phone texts and call logs. If you have nothing to hide, you don’t need to hide your phone. And both of you can use the same password for your phones. If you get emotional when your phone is touched, there’s something you’re hiding.

If you’re trustworthy, your partner will hardly check your phone. Faithful people can leave their phones anywhere in their house. They at times leave the phone behind and go out for a walk. Cheats guard their phones like hawks. Cheats can’t even take a power nap unless their phone is in the pocket.

If you truly want a happy marriage, and to be good role models to your children, live transparent lives as a couple. Create the fun that you’re looking for at home. All those monkey games you play out there will eventually break the camel’s back and your marriage will go by the winds.

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