1) If you notice that she constantly looks at you, There are 2 options:
Either you owe her money, or the girl wants you.
And if she does not hide her gaze, then even the stars are favored.

2) The gleam in her eyes and dilated pupils.
Just like a child’s eyes will expand when they see a huge box of chocolates, a woman’s eyes will do the same when you become such an attractive candy. The girl can not control the dilation of the pupils,

So take it as a sign that she unconsciously shows interest and excitement.

3) Women do not like to approach unreasonably close to people unattractive for them.
The girl will ask you to come as close as possible to your body touched, and then, perhaps, pull away, emphasizing the official space between you.

4) She wants to be alone with you, The girl who wants you will always look for reasons to be alone with you.
She looks at your lips. If a girl systematically glances at your lips, who do you think she wants? Right, you. So she imagines how you will merge into a passionate kiss.

5) If she bends down to you, when in this there is no special needs. For example, She can bend over under the pretext that it is difficult to hear your words.

6) Women know that men can not resist the feminine charms, So a sure sign that the girl wants you, is a demonstration of your favorite open area of her chest, legs, shoulders.

7) She casually touch you arm or punched you in the knee while laughing? women don’t touch people they don’t like. Most likely, the girl is interested.
The tone of the female voice becomes lower when girls communicate with men, having sexual overtones.

8) Women will make additional efforts to look good in the company of a man you like.
The girl may not fond of makeup, but if next to you thanks to cosmetics level of her beauty increases, do not forget . In addition, a sexy outfit.

If the girl does not wait for you to call her, and calls you first, then she is very interested in you and in the development of relations. For example, She can spontaneously give you 2 flyers in nightclub, without really explaining anything at that time, in the hope you’ll invite.

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