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A man having sex with you outside marriage is a big CONQUEST.

It is pride to a man with low self esteem and your boyfriend is not fulfilled until he has BOASTED to at least one of his friends on how he was able to get you, lay you, used you and eventually dump you!

Do not make yourself cheap before any man. Don’t make yourself a mobile motel on two legs. Don’t become an interesting subject of discussion among guys on your street.

Guys who always ask for sex are cheap. They lack dignity, self respect and godly class. If because she made jest of you or call you impotent you have sex, it means you lack bones! You lack self esteem, self worth, self respect to the point of falling down like a pile of cards to her lies and manipulation. What kind of man are you?

Strong men don’t bow to pressure, pressure bows to them!

That was how Samson lost his anointing!

Countless men are losing their glory today through careless sex!

Be careful lest you lose your life and future with it. Not every lady you see is normal! Some are spirits, glory hunters, destiny destroyers!

Some men are ritualists, life destroyers, womb snatchers!

Obey God and you will have peace of mind, joy at heart and heaven on earth in your marriage.

You will not fall into premarital sex in Jesus’ name!

Learn to say NO to premarital sex and mean it!

Ladies who keep themselves are pure gold too rare to find. They are beautiful in and out, have good self esteem and are totally adorable by godly men who value them.

Guys who keep themselves are super handsome and totally adorable. Many ladies crush on them and wish they can marry them. Because they are used to hearing God, they will only marry the godly one God has ordained for them and enjoy heaven on earth in their marriage!

Do not be cheap!

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