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I have had the opportunity to interact and counsel so many people on the subject of marriage and relationship and one of the things I have discovered people do is what I call the blame game.

What is the blame game? This is something done among men and women alike. When i set out time to talk to women about having a good relationship, they always blame men and when you now go to speak to the men they blame, the men turn back to blame the women.

This goes on and on and it has really done more harm than good. In fact, I have never seen the good it did. Its negative effect has destroyed lots of relationships. This is sad i must say. We need to understand that no matter how much we play the blame game nobody will win.

Women will never agree they cheat more and men will never agree they cheat more so what’s the point of this back and front argument and blame? See, If it’s for cheating, men cheat, women cheat. If it’s for being stubborn men are stubborn, women are stubborn. If it’s for being disrespectful, men can be disrespectful, women can be disrespectful and If it’s even for pride both men and women got pride.

At the rate this is been done nobody can truly tell because all we have is an estimated percentage of who does what more, Which is not even important. Cheating is a Human thing not gender-specific. Every wrong thing you could mention is a human thing. The difference is that some people have chosen to have sense and exempt themselves from that random human that cheats, lies or becomes violent.

I am not going to be a part of this blame game because i know there are awesome men and women out there and with God’s help and through my confessions i will be meeting these awesome human and leave those that are looking for which gender to blame to continue in their blame game. I know I am among the godly and faithful guys out there, I am an exception to whatever negativity any lady want to say men are guilty of and I know that if I am this way then there is a lady out there that is different from the rest, she is virtuous and faithful.

Many of you have never experienced a failed relationship, some have never even been in a relationship yet they blame the other gender for failed relationships and marriage. They have recruited other’s negative confession and it has become their reality.

The problem is that you have listened to more of the failed relationship stories more than the ones succeeding. If there are 10 failed relationships or marriages, know there are 30 successful ones. Even if there are no successful marriage why don’t you do all you can to make yours the first. This blame game has to stop if you really want a relationship that lasts. You got to be responsible for your words, actions, your thoughts, and meditations.

What you allow into your heart. So instead of blaming the opposite gender, why not take it upon yourself to be different, to do all you can and believe God to connect you with someone worth the preparation and time you have invested in building yourself up spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, etc. You have to first work on yourself to be the right person then you are likely going to meet the right person for you.

There are bad people out there both male and female and there are good people out there too. You will most times attract your kind. As for me, My home will be blessed and my wife where ever she is right now building herself will bring more blessings to our home and we will enjoy our union because it will be heaven on earth.

My wife can never be my problem like you out there blaming women because she is entering my house/our house with plenty of favor from the lord. The lord attached a special kind a favor on her and that is what she will bring along while coming because she is different from the rest. Written By Profit Eneh.

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