Its incredible to know how many people are so lazy that they make no effort to achieve the kind of life they want; The kind of relationship they want. Having a smartphone, internet connection and data means the world is in their hands and they want to get everything just from the comfort of their rooms including love, relationship and marriage. One thing they don’t know is, the web is full of lies.

Many profiles never existed. Lots have double lives. What you see online is different from how they live their lives. Just as they edit pictures, crop the ugly background, remove what they don’t want you to see before uploading, so they do not let anyone know the ugly side of their lives which is actually who they are in real life; but they show the fake and lies.

Pretending to be who they are not. They create online identities which is the opposite of who they are. It is therefore deadly to just sit behind your computer or on your phone to find love, a life partner, relationship or marriage online. What most end up with is heart breaks. That will surely happen to you if you choose to be lazy not wanting to put an effort in search for the right relationship, but wanting what is easy and cheap. Truth be told, many men on social media are looking for hook ups, a sex mate and not a life partner.

Lots of ladies are looking for someone who will take care of their expenses, not someone they want to build with. For some its just to satisfy their sexual fantasy, they are destroying others health-wise, emotionally and physiological. Most of the conversations or chats which started in the name of dating are just sex driven and nothing more. It is sad to know that most of these relationships end up at guest houses and hotels. Lots of ladies don’t know the address or homes of these guys they had sex with.

The youth today want free relationship advice online, free seminars online, free partners online. Some of the relationships start and end online. They have sex online either through phone or video calls, transfer monies through mobile money or trade naked pictures and video. It is not so surprising that some ladies are only remembered when the man has an erection, and some of the ladies only remember these guys when they are broke. A Successful relationship goes beyond chat, beyond profile pictures, mobile money. Marriage life is not lived online so why depend on online for a life partner? Why depend on online for a relationship?

A wise person will go beyond that, he or she will get to know the personality behind the profile, how they live their lives in real time and not online. A wise person will get to know their home and family, not online friends and comment associates. Ladies you are not dolls, something guys play with and put them back in a box once they are done, so don’t permit to be treated as such. Guys, you don’t need to be a fool in the name of relationship, you allow girls to drain you because you are crazy about her pictures online.

Marriage goes beyond fun, it is a life which has ups and downs, you need someone you can pray with and not someone who plays with you. You need someone who is addicted to God and not someone who is addicted to Facebook. You need someone who looks for you in person and not someone who only looks for you online. In conclusion “Some people are too lazy to put food in their own mouths” – Proverbs 26:15 (GNT).

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