I would love to take a moment to talk to all the Godly men tonight. Men who are eager to get the very best out of their virtuous wives, and the very best out of their marriage.

1 Peter 3:7 says,
“You husbands, in the same way, live with your wives according to knowledge, giving honor to the woman, as to the weaker vessel, as being also joint heirs of the grace of life; that your prayers may not be hindered.”

The most popular understanding from this Bible verse is the point where the Lord is encouraging us husbands to love and treat our wives well, so that when we pray, our prayers may not be hindered.

But tonight, there is another side of this Scripture that God wants me to show you.

When you love and treat your wife right, it is not like God sees your works and releases a blessing on you from heaven, that isn’t how it works.

When you love your wife right, and honour her, the honour causes her to open up and pour out the favour she carries on you, it is like your wife saying to God, “Lord, I am at peace with this man, settle him.”

This is what Peter means by an unhindered prayer. But sometimes we can do everything right as a husband; treat her with respect, relate with her according to knowledge, love her right, commit, submit, and do every thing that a Godly husband is supposed to do for his wife, and yet, experience a hindrance in our prayers, this is because your wife is not in the position where she can release the favour she carries on you.

Dear uncle, besides doing everything right as a husband sir, there is a great need for you to safeguard her work with God. Your wife’s prayer is very powerful before God, and just like you, the release of her favour can also be hindered when she is distracted or overwhelmed.

Let us start with the little things uncle, like is she paying her tithe regularly?

Is she paying her department dues at church?

Some of us don’t think these small small spiritual obligations are important, so we don’t bother to check if she is committed to her spiritual walk with God in this areas. Bae is a commited worker in church but she has been owing dues for 6months and you don’t know about it, because you don’t ask. She has not been attending cell meetings and house fellowships and you don’t bother to ask her what the problem is, you are just doing love.

How about her relationship with her colleagues at work? Wifey that is supposed to release her favour on you has been keeping malice with someone in her office for 4 months and counting, you have no idea about it, because to you it is not important to talk about what happens in the office, she can get into fights with people at her job, as long as she is at peace with you at home, no sir, it doesn’t work like that, if she’s not in the position to open up and release her favour, your own prayers will be hindered too.

Please dear men, be on the lookout for the spiritual walk of your wives, it goes as far as helping her with some chores around the house when she is overwhelmed.

See, a wife who is burdened by alot of wifely duties and worries cannot freely release on her husband, she’ll be too exhausted to pray or fellowship with God. Help out uncle, the little way you can. Safeguard her position of favour, don’t go and be doing amiss.

And If I were you aunty, I will grab this lesson too, the day to day decisions you make affects your husband. Do all you can to stay in the position of favour, for him

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