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The wrong use of anything makes it useless


Addicted To Abnormality

About unintelligent people who think they are smart…

A young lady walked into an office and thirty minutes later, she has a signed contract with the director of the company Worth’s fortune. As she left, the director said to himself, ‘I wish my wife is just like this smart young lady who has so much to offer’.

Few minutes later, another young lady walked into the same director’s office. The man smiled, picked his office phone and told his secretary that nobody should come in because he will be in a meeting with the lady for some minutes.
After the director placed the call, he stood up, locked the door, came straight to the beautiful lady that walked in and they began to romance each other. In that office, they had sex. He gave her #10,000 naira and served her a cup of juice. That was all. She happily left.

The first lady that left the office had millions to make from the same office without exposing herself sexually but the one that threw open her entire body got #10,000 and a cup of juice. That was her value.

What is your true value in life? The wrong use of anything destroys its value. The eyes were created for us to see with them but if you close them and expect to use your ear to see, you will start acting blind.

Women who have killed their minds and are using their bodies to think are endangering the value of their life. They always act like idiots and still feel they are smart. They have upgraded smart phones but they don’t have smart lives.

Women who become rich and truly influential don’t walk through the passage of their value as prostutitutes.

Most ladies who are undergraduates are already confused with life. They have deeply engaged on sex as life style that most times, they feel death inside them. The real purpose of their schooling has long been lost. The only thing people know them for is sex.

Anytime a man comes around looking for who to sleep with, such students are called. Nobody calls them for contracts or enterpreneur projects. Their total life has been converted to sex usage.

Most ladies who are corpers in my country behave as if they graduated as prostitutes and NYSC is just their project work. They sleep with anything they see and yet, the devil still guarantee them that they will use their bodies to get a big job and change the world.

What makes you smart when sick men, occultic men, diseased men and all sorts of men can easily put you on all sorts of grounds and leave their blood inside you just for a few pieces of money notes?

Most young laides reading this book are below 25 years of age but they have lost count and memory of men they have slept sexually with for money and yet, they are still poor.

I was talking with young people sometime ago in church and said to them, ‘We have hundreds and thousands of young people within the age range of 15 to 25, but we cannnot get one millionaire naira out of them. They all appear great with their clothes on but there is a limiting factor inside them. We think they are absorbing the value of their christian faith but they are not”

Even in the church, people come with their intention than what they should come to church for. This is why we have many young people who go to church every time and yet, they have the most terrible set of life style.

Church changed my life because I realized on time the purpose of church. God never instituted the church just for a social gathering but for effective oreintation and mentorship to bring humanity to His very class in all spheres of life.

Today, if you need the quickest woman to go to bed with, take your beautiful car to church and make sure you are wearing one nonsense clothes that is believed to be the vogue, likely, a notable usher will end up with you on bed after service for nothing but to have a feel of what she perceives to be wealth value she saw you come to church with.

The abnormal is now the normal.

I am a mentor, business and human performance consultant. I write things I am a witness to. I don’t borrow stories off pages of magazines. I have so much jobs with women’s world. I can tell you now that gradually, we are losing the women we love to the world system that is so useless and baseless. These days, sex is fun. People engage on it as if its just something needful.

Before, sex does not happen until two persons meet but that has changed. Women throw their bodies open through phone using skype and other medium to even men they have not seen physically just to prove to a total stranger that they are in love. The devil has succeeded in eroding people’s minds and emotion that those who think they are smart are the most foolish of all women.

How many virgins today are truly virgins? When someone’s mind live on sin and abject immorality, what makes her body a virgin? People who call themselves virgins engage deeper in cyber sex. Some have experienced anal sex and still think they are virgins because their hymens are still intact.

Your true virginity is based on pure mind. What makes you a virgin when you are addicted to porn?

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