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What Couples Need To keep Their Relationship


Do you know men needs your respect more than your love. Every woman wants her husband to shower all the love on earth on her, give her all the unconditional love even when you are not particularly lovable, Mrs Wife, so do your husband wants you to give him all the respect he needs, demonstrate/show your UNCONDITIONAL RESPECT for who he is (your husband) regardless of whether he is meeting your expectations at the moment.

Just like you CRY when you feel unloved so does he gets ANGRY because of your disrespect. I know you might be wondering, but I value and respect him: the question is, How do you show it?

1..Do you respect his decisions and opinion without questioning his knowledge or arguing all the time?
2..Do you respect his ability, do you have the confidence in all his ability?

Do you have confidence that he can do the cooking for you without you policing him around to do it your own way? Do you have confidence that he can fix that wardrobe without reminding him that he is not a carpenter etc.

Remember that men love Figuring out things for themselves, they feel excited and encouraged when they succeed.
Don’t let your advice to him turn to instructions or commandment.

Again show some respect the way and how you communicate with him. It might not be what you said that made him angry but HOW you say it. Do not criticise your man in public, especially among his male friends. Be proud of him and praise him in front of your friends.
You got to make some girls jealous.

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