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This life is beautiful no matter where you stand; whether you’re at the top or down you have something to admire, something to inspire you, something to keep smiles on your face. But some people make this life not worth living for others just because they don’t stand in the same place with them.

Some have the grace of marriage, job, promotion, breakthrough and they rather use their blessing to tease those who don’t have; but the truth is, God blesses you to be a blessing to others and not their pain, so stop teasing people with what you have which they don’t.

Never let anyone force or cause you to hate them, don’t let anyone’s blessing cause you pains. You are not married and so what? You don’t have a car and so what? You didn’t complete school and so what? You have not travelled before and so what? You don’t have a child of your own, and so what?

There are things you have which the people teasing or laughing at you don’t have. There are people who do their best to backbite when they can’t reach your level; they launch attack on your character or reputation.

While for some, when they can’t have what you have, they backstab you; they try all their best to discredit you for your achievement, accuse you etc.

And for those who try to copy your lifestyle, the way you do things, your business, etc but realize they don’t have what it takes to be you, the best they do is to make up stories.

Learn to follow God instead of people, and in order to please Him, you may have to disappoint some people. You can’t be what people want you to be because they don’t know who you are supposed to be. Only God knows, so let them talk.

The presence of people in your life is not to fix you for they don’t have what it takes to do that, we just need people who care, someone just to be there, not to say anything but to let us know they are with us on this journey of life.

Your goal is to make your life best for yourself and your Creator and not for people. Live a life of satisfaction instead of living a life of success. Don’t give chance to people to measure your life, rather give yourself the sole right to be measured by yourself and your Creator.

You should never try to defeat anyone and don’t laugh at anyone either but rather laugh with everyone. Whilst they laugh at you for being different, laugh with them because they are all the same.

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