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As much as dating someone does not mean he or she is your spouse or married to you, so is it that you are also not responsible for their upkeep. You need to understand that when you love someone, you naturally have the desire to care for them and caring for them requires money in this modern world.

We care for what we love. And there are various ways of caring for someone or showing love, however a lot of times you need money to be able to do that. The reason why you work is because you want to earn money to take care of you. If you don’t love yourself you won’t care for you. You can’t love yourself and won’t take care of yourself. Same way you can’t love someone and won’t care for them.

For example, you bath always because you love your body, you want to keep it clean and safe. Because of that, money becomes a means or a tool that you use to get the things you need to take care of your body. Love for your body will compel you to look for money to buy soap to bath (to keep the body clean).

Most parents take up two or three jobs just to raise money to take care of the needs of their children. Some go to the extent of selling their properties and belongings just to take care of their wards. They do that because of the love they have for their children.

One of the indicators or signs that someone does not love you is when they care less about you. A family which doesn’t care about you does not love you. A friend who doesn’t care about you doesn’t love you, a partner who doesn’t care about you doesn’t love you.

Another sign that someone loves you is when they are happy helping you. If a partner is helping you but they are not happy helping you and rather complaining or feeling bad, it’s a clear sign such a person doesn’t love you.

When someone loves you, they care about your happiness, they are happy to see you happy. When you are not happy, they are also affected. That’s why the one who loves you can’t stand to see you hurt. The one who loves you won’t hurt you intentionally, because hurting you is equal to hurting themselves.

For those dating, you don’t need to demand money or things from your partner or push your responsibility on them or tax them for your upkeep. If he or she cares about you, they do their best to find out your needs, and take steps to help you.

In love, we don’t make demands, there is nothing wrong asking for help from a friend or a partner. If he or she has what it takes to help, but refuses to help you, it clearly shows you are not loved. But if he or she does not have what it takes to help you, it does not mean they don’t love you.

And when we meet people who care about us, who go out of their way to meet our needs, it’s very wrong to take advantage of them. Taking advantage of someone who cares for you is equal to abusing someone who loves you. They will one day stop caring for you.

“Love is kind and patient, never jealous, boastful, proud.” – 1 Corinthians 13:4 (CEV).

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