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Always we have being thinking about who the strongest man is and the feature that makes a man the strongest among other men, we come to realize that it is not the physical muscle or strength that truly makes a man the strongest of all but the quality of a man’s heart, and that is where the true strength lie in all individuals. These thought is the foundation of the site name Everstronghearts. We exist as a group, both males and Females i.e. people of like mind, we have taken every measures as a person and collectively to put down the best Inspiring and motivational story to keep you going in life, and the world at large. Everstronghearts is design to put you into action, this site is no discrimination   of any tribe or race, but to spell out only fact, irrespective of our belief, ethnic group or race. The journey of this site began six years back, counting from 2017 backward, although we don’t want to go down the memory lane with you, for personal reason, which we believe it will add no value to you. We take or admit correction where necessary; we appreciate your comments and patience should you find an error has slipped through the cracks. Simply let us know, and we’ll fix things in a jiffy. Our site contained easy and simple accessibility that help our visitor to find any stories of his/her choice provided it is in our data base. Our goal is to educate young minds through the various inspiring stories we post from time to time. We encourage you to be part of our vision and dream, that is why we have create a platform where you can contact us, and drop your suggestion, and your positive criticism will be highly welcome. Please note as we keep on enhancing in our service to you, we shall equally make adjustment to this page when need arise, you are advice to get in touch with our privacy policy, to know how we collect and use your information. Thank You.