You are going to see your man, the one you have decided to spend the rest of your life with, but you cannot buy slice bread on the way there, not even gala. Stinginess of the highest order.

In your mind you cannot spend on your man until he makes you his wife, so if he has milo at home he should wait until after the wedding to drink bread and tea, what a mentality. You want his trouser to be falling off his waist on your wedding day because he has to marry you first before he can eat your money, your small N500 charge.

You got to his house and noticed there is no sugar at home, wisdom did not encourage you to buy a pack of sugar the next time you are visiting.

Every time you visit you go empty handed, you cannot identify little needs around the house that your spare money can cover for as a gift. No one is asking you to collect a loan from Central Bank in your name and give to him, there are little needs around his life that your recharge card money can cover.

This are some of the things a man looks at before making a decision.

The problem is that you see spending on your man as giving him the world, I laugh at you. Men don’t see it that way, we are natural providers, it’s our duty to give you the world and make sure you have all you need, but a man also loves a woman who can make his life her own.

But you just come empty handed and be saying eyaaa eyaaaa when there is no Maggi in his house. No sensitivity at all.

I know you’ll say you did all this for a man in the past and he ended up leaving you, I hear you aunty, continue doing the RIGHT things for the WRONG man.

What’s worse than loosing the wrong man is loosing the right man because you invested in the wrong person before you met him.

Please carry your sense the next time you are going over for a visit, ask questions where you notice irregularities…

For instance if he insist on watching the local new station you should know probably his cable subscription has expired and he is too rich to subscribe, probably he doesn’t have data for Netflix this time. You ask if he needs some help, some chipping in, is there a way you can share the burden? This is how a wise woman is sensitive, but because stinginess is your calling you turn deaf to those things, you don’t want to give at all in the first place.

If you’re out at a restaurant and you notice him eating the cabbage and onions when you order a meal, you should know he’s probably trying to watch his balance. A wise woman will nicely cover the bills and tell him to eat well.

Look, there are certain things you can do for and around your man that you won’t have much regret for if the relationship eventually doesn’t work out as planned, you did it with joy because you are a natural organiser.

I don’t know how you can be with a man you claim to love and watch him struggle in little areas that you can comfortably cover for, especially if you’ve got a good man who gives you the same energy.

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