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The role of giving in a relationship or marriage is different for both genders. Believe this or not, the way men give to their woman is very different from the way women give.

Honestly, men who say giving is 50/50 are very correct, however the systems of giving are different. A man is more wired to buy his woman a house, but a woman is more wired to service and maintain the house as her own place of giving back to him.

One is a natural provider, while the other is a natural preserver.

This is not to say women don’t give in terms of material things, or that they shouldn’t, but a man who is expecting a woman to send him a credit alert will miss out on other ways she has been giving to him without him knowing.

Sisters, your role in giving to your man is simple, many men can confirm the following if they are honest enough to admit it;

1) You give to your man when you listen to him and seek his advice on important issues before taking decisions.

I mean we would also love to get a pair of shoes from you as a surprise, but no man wants a pair of shoes from a woman who is constantly disrespectful, dishonouring and defensive over little issues all the time.

2) You give to your man by supporting his goals. A man wants to have his woman in his corner. He wants to have you as his biggest cheerleader. There is too much competition out there for him to have to come home and compete with you. Support his dream, defend his goals before family and friends who might be looking down on him. Talk highly of him even before your own family and friends. I don’t know the kind of singlets and boxers you want to buy for me as a gift, but nothing beats knowing that you are supporting and defending me even in my absence.

3) If you make yourself a safe place for a man to run to wherever he is down, you have given him everything.

You give to your man when he can be vulnerable around you, when he feels safe around you, when he can show his weakness and open up around you. A place where he doesn’t feel judged, this is one of the best ways to give to a man.

4) A woman’s prayers? I don’t have to say too much about this. In you lies the favour for his increase, most of the big achievements in his life will come as a result of your secret intercession. Pray for him with all your heart, you’ll see that the favour spoken of when a man finds a wife will become active in his life in abundance.

Praying for your man is like buying him things you cannot financially afford.

5) And then there is material giving. Let your heart be set on looking out the following areas and stepping in for him;

🔥 If he drives a car, it would be nice of you to make a budget and fill up his tank for a week, let him drive you to the car wash and you pay the bills. We want to enjoy some baby boy treatments from our woman too.

🔥 We are tired of receiving okrika singlets and handkerchiefs please, give us the money in our hand if you know you want to do economy when buying gifts for us.

🔥 You know you can show up at his job and take him for dinner too, send a dispatch to deliver hot spaghetti and turkey for lunch at his office, nobody will beat you.

🔥 If your man doesn’t have a good suit in his wardrobe that’s a good place to invest in his life.

🔥 Relieve your man sometimes sister, cover the bill when you are out together at a restaurant, let the man breath a little, everyday billings can drive a man crazy.

There is always a need in a man’s life sister, just like yours. If you pay attention to your conversations with him you will pickup some of his concerns, needs and fears. Lookout for the areas where you can come in without him having to ask.

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