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This brings to mind the story of two girls that are always fighting over a man. Every day the story was the same. The young man who was the focal point of the dispute would not be present, and inevitably within three days, you would see him walking around with a completely different girl.

I was quite befuddled at this phenomenon at first, but later concluded that no man was worth me scuffing up my shoes and ruining an outfit. Neither would I ever become angry with another female over a man. It was clear to me, that it was the man who made the choice. They knows what they want! Sharing or fighting over a man gives birth to things in your life that will affect you emotionally, spiritually, and let’s not forget physically.

Most girls think giving a man sex, cooking for him or buying him expensive things is the best way to get him. No! Don’t be surprise that he would still jilt you when the time comes. Men knows who their heart belongs to, they knows the kind of woman they want. Men learn from women how to treat women. If you bring yourself so low before a man, he would never value or respect you; instead he would see you as an object to be used.

Ladies, God has called us to be “well-kept woman” who know our value. He has fashioned us to be “one” with one man, and vice versa. Sharing or fighting over a man is a destructive blow against our spirit and how we were made. Our spirits were not made to accommodate anything outside of God’s original design. We should protect ourselves and protect one another. We do ourselves and our sisters a great disservice when we assist men in mistreating us.

We collectively get to set the standard on how men treat us by the respect we render to one another. Remember, if you don’t respect yourself and other ladies around you, it is guaranteed that you will attract a disrespectful man. Fighting over a man is not worth it! Stop forcing a man to love you. It is not a do-or-die thing. Let him make his choice! Written by Danjuma Iliya.

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