Marriage has the power to make you more responsible. It is one thing to be responsible for yourself, it is another to know that you are responsible for the living souls in the form of your spouse and children. It has the power to make your heart grow bigger, if you allow yourself to not to be self-centered.

Marriage has the power to enrich your social life when your spouse’s friends become part of your circle that are a support system for you two. It will form an army of people who cheer you on, if you choose the right friends.

Marriage has the power to open up your mind. As you talk with your spouse, your spouse will expose you to new things and perspectives you did not know leading to a richer understanding of life. It will make you wiser, if you are open to being taught.

Marriage will make you change for the better, it will present challenges that might be tough but will teach you to think of solutions, to forgive, to be more patient, to fight for what is of value, to treat others better. If you do marriage right it will make you a better person.

Marriage has the power to make you wealthy. If you two put your heads together and come up with a joint financial vision and plan, each playing their part, you will build an empire. Favour comes when you treat each other right.

Marriage has the power to help you redeem your troublesome past. If your childhood was dark and you grew up in a dysfunctional home, marriage will give you an opportunity to do it right, different from your parents.

Marriage has the power to push you to confront the skeletons in your closet. In marriage, you will be naked; your spouse will see all your weaknesses and flaws exposed. You might act all polished to others, but your spouse will know the real you. If you two are wise, instead of being ashamed, defensive or judgemental; you will take this as an opportunity to work on yourselves. Marriage can heal you and fix you if you participate in the process.

Marriage has the power to give you a bigger family. Your spouse’s parents, siblings and relatives will become yours. You will gain a new dad and mom; accept them all with their differences. In-laws don’t have to be dreadful.

Marriage has the power to push you to heights you have never been. When you have a spouse who challenges you and encourages you, you will find yourself taking risks and attempting new things. You will look back and see how much greatness you rubbed on each other.

Marriage has the power to make you learn new things about your body. When you have a spouse who is observant and longs to please you, your spouse will bring to your attention new sensations, new sexual positions, new experiences, new secrets about your body. Your spouse is the one who will notice marks or changes on your body and will give you feedback on those hard to see places.

Marriage has the power to lead you closer to God. If you two become a couple after God’s own heart, committed to love each other in a way that pleases God; then your marriage will be a manifestation of grace, miracles, testimonies and worship. You will see God in each other, nourishing each other’s spirits.

Marriage has the power to impact lives. When a husband and wife, learn to navigate through and solve their issues, they will graduate to the level where they love with a purpose. They will form a powerful team that will raise great children, create employment through business, inspire those around them, generate wealth, become destiny helpers, create healthy societies and pursue legacy driven goals.

Marriage has the power to stretch you. You will never know how well you can love until someone trusts you enough to let you love them for the rest of their life.

If you both do marriage right, you will experience its power and it will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. It will bless not only you but everyone else around you, it is all up to the both you. Two people can bless the world as they bless each other.

Marriage is powerful. Marriage is Beautiful

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