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Reasons Why Marriage Is Initiated


1) Companionship
When you have wrong reason to get married, even in the marriage, you will feel empty. That’s why there are people married but they are living single.
You need somebody to constantly talk to.

2) Compliment
There are things about you, that you need somebody to compliment you. I got married because I need compliment and those were the things I was looking for. I need somebody whose strength is my weakness and whose weakness is my strength so we can compliment it.

3) Procreation
Do you know the joy when you see something that looks like you? There is this fulfilment.

4) Bodily Pleasure.
If you think you are enjoying sex outside marriage, wait till you get married. Sex is not all these nonsense you are doing. Sometimes you need just to rest your head on somebody. Sometimes, you just need somebody to hold your hands… That’s the bodily Pleasure!
Sometimes, you just need a right lap to rest your head not Delilah.
You can never correct a building from the roof, from the foundation. WHERE PEOPLE HAVE A PROBLEM IS THAT THE FOUNDATION IS WRONG.

5) Covenant
Everybody will leave you one day, that your partner will not leave you. Marriage is a Covenant .

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