If you think you’re in a godly relationship because you two haven’t had sex, don’t get excited too much, that is only one dimension of God you are expressing, there are more. Come let me show you a higher dimension of godly relationship, your still need to soar!;

Few years ago I planned to attend a singles party with a friend of mine at a local park on the mainland, it was supposed to be the boys day out, we had planned to go to the party pretending to be single, you know, just to have fun and catch that ‘am single feeling’ again, but you know women, his girlfriend insisted she must tag along, boo cannot be going to a singles hangout alone when she’s bored doing nothing at home, that was how the whole plan crashed. Sadly!

On the way his car broke down just as we were about to climb the Lagos third mainland bridge, something that looked like a plug problem, after many attempts to sort it out we managed to push it into a safe corner and took the bus, this party must not pass us.

While we were in the bus gisting, out of nowhere Jennifer shouted “somebody in this bus praise the Lord! If you know the Lord has done great things for you this month i say praise the Lord”.

Arrh arrh, honestly I was struck for a minute. In my mind I was like “aunty, which one is praise the Lord again? Is it not gist we are gisting?”

Oh boi, that was how my friend’s bae started to preach in the bus, and people were responding.

It wasn’t still clear to me, as she was preaching I gave Ade a sign to come on Whatsapp and he coded.

First question I asked: did your girl tell you she was going to preach in the bus today?

He said no she didnt.

Are you sure you guys didn’t plan this? He said no they didn’t. Am I surprise?

I said yes I am, its kinda weird.

Then he said “don’t be surprised, this is not the first time she’s preaching in a bus when we’re out together, she does this alot, most times I do the preaching.”

Mehhhn! What a mind shift. When some of us are over here feeling so satisfied with the godly nature of our relationship because we haven’t had sex, oh Lord!

And maybe I should take a moment to shock you with this Rhema;

Keeping sex out of your relationship is not the quality that makes it godly! Any disciplined atheist can keep a no sex relationship without knowing the Lord, so how does that make yours different? Remember you made the decision to rebuke sin when you became born again, pre marital sex was on the list of things you promised to let go until marriage, so keeping sex out of your relationship should be a nature to you, is anyone getting this?

It is something to you do with or without a relationship, because chastity has become the God-nature in you, so stop acting like you’re doing God a favour keeping away from sex, stop making it look like a big deal, some be like “we are not having sex!”, eheeen? Where you supposed to have sex before? Isnt that supposed to be a part of you by default? The same way you don’t celebrate brushing your teeth and taking your bath, Did somebody catch this guys?

There is a higher dimension of godly relationship, step up from that level you’re still celebrating and step into the dimension where your relationship becomes a huge advantage to God. A relationship where the devil tries so hard to pull apart because he knows you two are a threat to him. A dimension where your relationship is adding to God’s kingdom, when God commanded us to bear fruit and multiply He wasn’t just talking about making love and having children, He was also talking about multiplying the Kingdom with our own kind.

What fruits have you being bearing?
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to mentor 10 other dating couples who will chase God with their relationship like you? How are you adding to the Kingdom?

I want you to take this love assignment;

This month, write down ways you can use your relationship to multiply heaven, list them all out together, be creative together. It doesn’t have to be perfect at once, just keep making progress.

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