There is one particular woman every mother wishes their son got married to. Not every son might know this but one thing they can notice is, just the mention of this lady’s name puts a smile on their mother’s face. Some mothers try as much as possible to even connect their sons to this lady.

Mostly it is because of the lady’s character and not just her appearance or the home they come from. Some fathers will insist on the home the lady comes from, her beauty, etc. but most mothers will settle for character, especially if the lady in question is hardworking.

Everyone likes a lady who is serviceable; she is human, loves to serve others and also respectful.

I call her the woman of fragrance, a lady of pleasant and sweet smell. They are like perfume. They always leave their scent behind wherever they go. Their sweet aroma is their good name. They are down to earth, have a heart of gold, put people first, and yearn to learn something new each day.

While their opposite can best be described as the stinking one. They are like flatulence, a bad odour, which when released at a time you were enjoying a favourite meal, will force you to lose appetite.

Some ladies are so lazy that even taking care of themselves is a burden, how much more serving others. They want to be served. Some of these ladies can’t do their own laundry and rely on new clothes or wardrobe to look good.

Having no desire for cooking, they solely depend on restaurants; and the bad part is most of them don’t even have the money to afford it, so they go for a man who can meet those needs.

At home, their mothers always cry for their husbands to be. Nobody wants to accommodate them because they always leave a bad odour after them, which is their character or behaviour.

They think their looks alone will cover up for their inadequacies, but the truth is every man has their mother in mind when it comes to choosing their life partner; someone their mother will be glad to call ‘daughter in law’; just like the lady they dreamed of for their son.

Some guys even send their fiancées or wives-to- be to their mothers and sisters for cross examination and to establish if they have a wife. No man wants a trophy wife, a wife to attend functions with; someone to show off in public but pack away when they get home, one who becomes useless at home. Every man wants to marry a woman of fragrance.

If you hide under your looks as a cover up, never expect your man to behave the same with you again after he gets to know you are lazy.

To a man there is nothing attractive about a lazy woman. If you wish to have a good marriage then be willing to starve your bad attitudes. You must sacrifice laziness, love to serve and do it as if you are doing it to God and not to man. You have no idea who is watching and observing you; it will all pay off and will be worth the sacrifice in the long run.

In conclusion, the woman of fragrance “… takes good care of her family and is never lazy” – Proverbs 31:27 (CEV)…Written by iliya

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