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1) In a relationship, the man needs attention, love, and respect. Even if he have an outside relationship, these things can draw his mind fully to the one who gives them to him.

2) Men does not need a woman who is only a consumer, that can’t multiply. Women are helpers to men, so it hurts men a lot to know that they are the only source of income.

3) When a man is angry, he need to be talked to in a moderate manner. Remember, it is water that can quench fire, so you won’t talk to him in any harsh manner for him to listen, even if he’s wrong.

4) Men hate to be cheated by their women. It hurts a lot for a man to catch his partner with another guy. Even if he don’t have today, give him that respect, you don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring. MEN ARE JEALOUS!

5) The man always feel pleased to be comforted by his wife.

6) If a man loves you, trust me, he can do anything just for you to put on the smile.

7) Let the man food be prepared very well and in time. Don’t make him eat out, not even at his office. Prepare him a lunch if necessary.

8) Make it your habit to always surprise him. It makes him feel good.

9) Always welcome him home with smiles, hugs, and soft words. You don’t know the tension he went under at his job site.

10) Whenever he’s out there, keep calling him to check if he’s safe. Show him concern.

11) Study and know him as your ABC so that you’ll know if he’s in bad mood to comfort him. He might not explain to you when he’s not in a good mood.

12) Whenever there is an issue, don’t address the man outside, mostly in public gathering.

If you do all these, trust me, you got a perfect husband for life.

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