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Unfaithful To Myself


What is called sexual intimacy in a relationship is actually failure intimacy.

Sex does not bring any intimacy. The ratio of people who broke up after sex is almost 80 percent against people who never had sex in their relationship before marriage.

What love can do, sex can’t. If what you have is not love, sex cannot perform a miracle.

Give a man sex for six years as a woman, the time he is ready to leave, he won’t drop an apology.

Almost 80 percent matured single women are no more virgins and yet, they are not married to the same men that took away their virginity.

Sex has no capacity to build what love can build.

Let me explain better.

Men hardly trust their sexual loosed girl friends. They always assume that they are loosed as well to other men.

Sex is just emotional satisfaction which never solves any intimacy problem. For the fact that you are constantly asked to lie on bed for a man does not mean he needs you. Prostitutes have spent major part of their years lieing on bed for different men and yet, they are still single and frustrated.

Your pant down can never create any bond. Sometimes, sex is just humanity living out his or her addiction and not a proof of intimacy.

Most people are addicted to sex that you would think the way they run around their partners means intimacy.

Most men drive hours to come and see a woman not because they are in love but want to satisfy their sexual urge.

People can suddenly become caring not because it is in their nature to but they are making sacrifices for sexual attraction.

The idea is this, if you want a dependable relationship, sacrificing sex for it won’t build it.

Sex is not a price to be paid to be loved.

Anyone who walks away because you said ‘no’ to sex just announced to you his or her intimate goal. People who want to build relationship don’t walk away when their emotional appetite is disciplined by their partners.

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