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5 Reasons You’re Likely Still Single


So You’ve been this single for a while yet you can cook well, treat your man well, have your own personal business or maybe your stable and working but you still have no man to be with you until you ask yourself am I not really good enough? No never think that, Here Are The Reasons Why your probably Single.

1) God Is Protecting You.
Sometimes God Is Mainly protecting you from Various Temptation, Like Pre-Marital Sex, Nowadays people come into Our Live With Several Good and Bad Intention. Wait For Gods Time For the Right Person For you.

2) God Is Giving You Time To Heal.
To Move on to another relationship, you need to heal from your past. To Love another person you Must Let Go Of that person you Loved Before. You Should know healing from past relationship is not an option, Its something You Must Do So You Could Move On.

3) Single Doesn’t Mean You’re Lonely.
Being Single Is Sometimes A Choice, Being in A relationship cause your lonely won’t make you happy, cause in the end the result may hurt you More, So when your single, take your time, don’t jump into another relationship until you know what you really want.

4) God Wants You To Focus On His Relationship with Him.
A relationship With God Is A long Lasting, Put his relationship first and He will Bring than Man You will spend your whole Life with. So Focus and Grow spiritually with God And You Will See How Happy You Will Be.

5) You’re Waiting For The Right Time.
You May want Mr Right To come your way, Yes He Will But At the Right time. We all know Gods Time Is Best So When That moment Comes, You Will Be Happy To be with that person, So don’t rush wait for the right time.

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