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Dear Singles, these attitudes may have blocked your progress


1) Dear SINGLES, If you’re not willing to say I’m sorry, I forgive you, let’s forget it, I’m over and mean it, please remain SINGLE.

2) Dear SINGLES, Social Media might keep some people SINGLE, friendless and unemployed. Wreck less posting and venting are major deal breakers.

3) Dear SINGLES, just because a person is SINGLE doesn’t mean they’re sad and lonely. It’s better to be SINGLE and sane than married and miserable.

4) Dear SINGLES, Remember, if you’re giving free samples don’t get mad when he won’t commit. No one has ever gotten arrested for taking a sample and not buying anything .

5) Dear SINGLES, before you ask people into your life, do you know where you are going to?

6) Dear SINGLES, don’t misuse your SINGLEhood, focus on God, goals and character, every other thing will fall into place.

7) Dear SINGLES, never imagine that when you get married you will change; that might just be self deception; better change now.

8) Dear SINGLES, unfortunately sometimes, it’s better to lose the relationship that’s not working than lose your mind trying to make it work.

9) Dear SINGLES, every relationship has bad days, so if they’re ready to give up because of a wrong moment, perhaps they’re the wrong ones

10) Dear SINGLES, why complain about SINGLEness if you’re unwilling to give anyone a chance to get to know you? What you need may not look like what you want

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