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Don’t Replace Your Priorities


“Sex in a relationship is like an expiring date stamped on unused product. A lot of young people are already looking damaged and overused”

There is always a point sex would never carry a relationship beyond. It’s like the point where we get to eating sugar that our body begins to fail because of it.

When sex gets to a certain point in a relationship, one of the persons involved would start feeling bored and uninterested. At this point, everything else that is connected to that relationship will start losing relevance.

Sex makes a lot of our life’s potentials to begin to fail as excess sugar consumption does to the body.

Ninety percent of deflowered women are no more dating the men that took their virginity from them.

When these disflowered women look back at when their viriginity was compromised, they agree with themselves that then, they believed that they were in a permanent relationship.

Relationship is not a path way to get for yourself a sex mate.

Sex has no capacity to guarantee the continuation of any relationship.

It does not matter how frequent you have sex. Excess sugar consumption has no health benefit as excess sexual acts have no purpose benefit.

It does not matter what promises your sex mate makes to you. When men are sexually aroused, it opens their minds and mouths to say impossible things they would never do.

It does not matter what gift your bed mate gets for you to attract and arouse your feeling. Yes, women naturally develop soft spots for men who afford for them what fills up their greed and insatiable nature.

Sex is like an expiring date label. It devalues anything. Imagine holding a bottle of honey and under it is written, ‘expires Match 05, 2015’. This is what sex has done to a lot of people while they live. They are humans but people no longer consider them as normal humans.

You can never improve on sex to make your relationship better. People have read misguided informations about sex, put them into practice and still break up after.

Sex is almost coming from emotional insanity. It does not make us act normal. Imagine how a woman would throw herself open to a man she doesn’t know if his HIV statue is almost at the grave stage.

How many women want to know the health and mental statues of men they have sex with?

How many men have dragged their sex mates to hospital for medical evaluation?

How sure are you that the person who tested negative from sicknesses is not doing silly things behind you?

All the people that tested positive for HIV were once negative.

It is amazing how a man’s car is enough to make a woman trust him. We are living in a weird world where people have become too busy with digging their own graves quickly without looking back.

The only value most ladies have developed to offer in a relationship is sex. They are willing to move into a man’s house, wash, clean house, cook, watch movies, browse with their phones and wait for him to come back, eat dinner and have sex. They can spend two weeks in a man’s house and the routine goes in cycle.

No purpose driven woman would do that no matter how much she loves a man. A purpose committed woman does not spend hours waiting to satisfy a man’s sexual hunger. She is always have something in chase for. She understands that her today’s time produces the values of her future. She doesn’t throw that way because of sex. She is a builder and not a dependant.

Every girl out there who calls herself a sex hustler is a dependant. If men stop coming, she starts dying.

Sex is not an angle for love. The mistake most of us do in relationship is to accelerate the speed of our sexual intimacy than love intimacy.

Companies have products they advertise, and what has your relationship produced to show for?.

I have known people who dated and it resulted to significant change, businesses and success. I still know people who have been dating and nothing has been counting than sex after sex and it still counts, and they call it ‘relationship’.

When a relationship has high sexual concentration, it derails values.

Have you asked why girls that are into sex business have broken life?

It does not take sexual life style to make progress in life. Such a life style suspends the vital function of the brain. This is why it is almost impossible to see flirts think straight and meaningful in life. Their life centers on visual effect. They live for what they could see.

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