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Every Year In A Relationship


‘Somethings don’t really pay’.

Look back into years behind and put together the number of relationships you have had and ask yourself, ‘Where did they leave me today?”.

A lot of single men and women still don’t know that something not right is happening to them for keeping themselves off marriage table. They assume that there is a particular time God specified for them to marry. This is why we usually hear, ‘God’s time is the best’ from much of unprepared people.

A lot of ladies are single today just because they are in the habit of measuring relationship with a lot of strings. I have seen where a lady left her relationship because of Brazilian hair. The young man refused to provide money for it and she concluded that he wasn’t caring. The young man is married now and happy but the lady is still walking around single with old age swimming into her. She is going from one prayer house to another trying to use spiritual forces to solve character problems.

A young said to me, ‘I don’t feel like settling down yet’ but he hardly sleep at night without a woman by his side. He thinks he doesn’t want pressure and someone to pull him to a single focus when it comes to relationship but his feeling isn’t the truth. Girl friends won’t show you mercy but a wife will help you grow and sustain your growth.

Stop looking for what you wont see. Sometimes, we want more than we have been prepared for. Are you close to the characteristics of the spouse you said you wanted?. Funny enough, prostitutes are serious saying, ‘I want a God fearing man’. The bible said, ‘deep calleth unto deep’. The most selfish, ungrateful and arrogant people in life are prostitutes. They have gradually sold their conscience to the devil and still feel they have right to a God fearing man.

The more mature you grow, you will understand that 80 percent of things that seemed to be values in few years back were actually the most unnecesaary things. We once felt that cars would bring joy and improve our image but having cars to my collections taught me that they add no value. Most people have gone poor owing a car. When you don’t have good business and reason of having a car, you are just getting into a big liability problem.

The bible said, ‘Examine thyself…’. Ask yourself ”why Am I still single?”. It’s not from your village people as most of us speculate. You have to invest in yourself. Develop yourself and know what should be your priorities. As a woman, you can’t be too beautiful that you won’t love to start small. Starting small is a principle that changes Anything but being beautiful won’t put values on the table.

Some would say, ‘I can’t start life in a room apartment’. Tell me what difference you would make if you start in a duplex?”. If what you have inside is not right, where you live won’t matter. Most people who started in a duplex still had divorce. If you don’t have thebattiyide capacity to turn a house into a home, you will be at higher risk when you start off with a duplex. The pride will get to your head that everything in life comes to be measured by where you see yourself.

If you are a prostitute with a brand name ‘Runs girl’, something is dying inside you everyday. You may not notice at this moment but a day will come that you will look back and realize that you are managing a substituted life.

Everyone can have the right things if they can first develop for it. Destiny is not in agreement coincidence. Don’t say, ‘I know people who messed up and still have the best’. There are millions of things about them you ain’t seeing because they ain’t telling.

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