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1) To be truly single means to be all one (alone), separate, unique, and whole.

2) No human being can meet your ego, soul, or spiritual needs; you might as well settle all of that with God. You are fit or ready for marriage only when you are totally fulfilled in Him.

3) Marriage was not instituted to solve the problems of being alone—human beings were created as an answer to that problem.

4) Many would be wise to consider Adam in reference to singleness. He was so totally unique and whole that he did not even know that he was alone.

5) Marriage will not solve “aloneness.”

6) God will not choose your mate for you. If He did, that would violate the free will and power of choice He gave you.

7) If God chose your mate for you, He would be taking responsibility for your relationship; then, if it failed, the blame could be transferred to Him. God only presents; you choose.

8) Providing marriage prospects is God’s responsibility, but choosing a mate is yours. Rely on the assistance of the Holy Spirit, but do not attempt to transfer the responsibility of choice to Him.

9) How much have you refined your separateness and uniqueness from others’? A relationship is only as good as what the individuals involved bring to it.

10) Until you get to the state of being totally whole, totally unique, and totally separate—with the knowledge that you don’t need anyone to complete you—you are not ready to marry.

11) If you do not yet know who you are, then why do you think you will “find yourself” with someone else?

12) The goal of the Christian is to become the separate, unique, and whole person the Lord wants him or her to be, and the vessel that will hold the Treasure, which is Jesus.

13) No one can ever give you enough time or attention to make up for the emptiness where you are supposed to be full. If you are empty of a real self, then the other person will be unhappy because you have nothing to give back.

14) Your marriage will only be as successful as your singleness, because you can bring to a marriage only what you are as a person alone.

15) Being single is the highest calling in the realm of relationships because a successful marriage is the product of two people being successfully single… BY MYLES MUNROE

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