Sometimes you wonder how many times you have to prove your love to someone. Anytime they want something you can’t give, they are quick to question your love for them. “If you truly love me, you would have allowed me to have sex with you, if you really love me as you say, you would have given me the money I asked for,” not caring how you get it. To them your love is true only when you are able to fulfil their requests.

The very day you can’t meet their needs, the relationship pauses, comes to an end or goes on a break. These people don’t care about you, they just see you as a means to their needs, and the only way to get what they want from you is to say or act like they are in love with you.

A lot of the people who fall victim to such relationships are coming from bad relationships and still have some pains, they therefore easily get addicted to these pretenders hoping they will take away their pain.

They think being called babe, cute, sweetheart means they are loved but the truth is they are not. All those nice names may make you feel good, but what you really want is someone who will call you theirs.

If they are questioning your love for them today, it means they don’t trust you. My simple question is why will they love what they can’t trust? Giving them their needs won’t make them love you.

The best time to prove love is in bad times and not in good times. Consider this, ‘in the times when you can’t meet their needs will they still stay with you? Will their attitude towards you remain the same or change?’

If they have to change towards you because you couldn’t give them what they wanted, then it’s clear they don’t love you. If they distant themselves because you couldn’t meet their needs, then this should tell you they are in love with what they get from you and not you or your heart.

The way he or she treats you when you can’t satisfy their needs, shows who they are. What you don’t know is, most at times those who don’t love you are the ones who accuse you of not loving them. Insecure people will make you feel insecure. A lair will first accuse you of lying. A cheat will first accuse you of cheating.

Love appreciates, encourages, inspires, believes, trusts, endures and is selfless; love looks for opportunities to make one happy and a chance to put smiles on faces. If the one you are with is ungrateful, discourages you, doubts you, always causes you to shed tears and finds a way to make you feel bad, this is a clear indication that you are in a bad relationship and need to opt out.

Leaving such a relationship is the only protection you need for your heart now. The longer you stay, the more pains you will experience; and mind you they will eventually leave you one day.

People who don’t love you are the ones who always give you conditions, they are insensitive, selfish and cruel; they are with you just because of their needs and will ignore you anytime their needs are not meet. Leaving or staying with such a person is entirely your choice.

Don’t just pretend that you love others: really love them. Hate what is wrong. Stand on the side of the good” – Romans 12:9 (TLB).

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