Love has become such a risky venture that when one is going into it, he or she has to be very careful. It is riskier when it comes to marriage. Marriage which was supposed to be the safest relationship has become a lake that you don’t venture into with both legs at a time. You need to exercise caution and prayerful consideration before you say I do. But foolishly enough, people are venturing into this journey with their eyes closed in the name of feelings.

People fall so much in love with a stranger they hardly know just because of the nice story they heard about them; people fall in love with others just because of the recommendation they have. That is a mistake. Know the one you want to marry for yourself and not through others.

If you sit in the position I am, the kind of unfortunate love stories I hear on a daily basis and my depth of insight and gift into these ministry, you will understand that marriage or love is one thing that can destroy you when you do it for the wrong reason.

To the young ones who are about to fall in love or marry, I am pleading with you on this day, you don’t deeply love anyone who claim he or she loves you or want to marry you till you make sure they truly love you as they claim. You’ve got to be sure their intentions, feelings and actions are in the same direction. For the depth of the love they are professing to you today is the depth of your grave or better still your wound tomorrow when the love is not right.

Sometimes what someone calls the love of their life is rather the mistake of their life. Today someone has developed a heart problem due to a bad marriage. Today some couples has developed sleeping disorders because of bad marriage. Just last weekend, someone was buried due to a bad relationship. I have come to accept that, people misunderstand the word love. They can love you deeply with their feelings and still not know how to love you correctly with their actions.

They tell you how much they love you yet they care less about you. It’s good to be attracted to someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them but you need to be mentally connected to them to be able to make such a relationship last. No matter how nice a car is, it of no use if it can’t take you to places. No matter the amount of internet data bundle a network company offers you, it is of no use when you don’t have internet connection.

No matter how pretty or handsome someone looks, your marriage with them won’t work if you are not able to understand each other or flow in the same direction.
Connection takes time, it takes conversation, it takes openness, it takes daily communication, it takes attention. It takes dedication, it takes commitment, it takes sacrifices.

Don’t get someone you are so attracted to, look great together or have few things in common, but someone you can flow with despite your differences. Someone who sees you as a need and cannot do without you, someone who knows your value and ready to do all what it takes to keep you. Someone who is not ready to let go. It is good to have a friend who holds hands with you in difficult times, but it is better to have a friend who holds your hand tightly when you want to let go in such times.

In conclusion “but test everything that is said to be sure it is true, and if it is, then accept it. 22 Keep away from every kind of evil” – 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22 (TLB).

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