”If you haven’t come to the point in a relationship where you think you have made the wrong decision, you haven’t really made the right decision”.

Picking a fight in a marriage is not the problem. The problem is usually where we drop the fight.

Every couple quarrel. One of the most outstanding significancy of two wise people is their capacity to understand each other by first challenging each other.

The right people still get angry at each other. If you were told that you always have to keep everything cool, you were wrongly advised.

The right people still question each other’s conviction and belief system. Someone who doesn’t ask questions is not permitting your improvement.

The right people don’t always agree with each other but they always understand each other’s right to agree or disagree.

The right people always see each other’s weaknesses but believe more in their individual strenghts.

The right people don’t always make the right decisions but they don’t fail to adjust their bad decisions.

The right people don’t stick on what they know. They are open to learning.

The things that you think would never happen where two right persons are usually happen. They do the things that don’t look right but they never build a way of life around them.

The perfect marriage happens on friction.

Anyone who would not tolerate your differences will make everything difficult for you to fit in.

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