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8 Bitter Truths You Need To Know In This Modern World


1) The day you stop prioritising from your side, you loose many people who never prioritized you.

2) Everything is about give and take. If you give, you get back, if you stop giving, you stop expecting back.

3) Social media is the new world. People think about likes, comments, their perfect online appearance more than their mental and physical health, their offline existence.

4) Relationship is 70 percent started now for lust. We have divided pure relationship into systems like casual dating, friends with benefits, hookups and one night stands. And, then we are the only to cry.

5) The day you stop thinking about what triggers you the most and start doing the things which actually makes you happy. You overcome over thinking.

6) We all need to understand that present is most beautiful. If we focus on our present, work hard, have patience. Good things are eventually going to happen to us. Remember, past and future are like the silent killers to your growth.

7) People gets anxious and depressed every now and then because they are not damn satisfied with whatever they have. Satisfaction is the ultimate key to peace and happiness.

8) We are lonely though we have a bunch of people in life. Because, deeply inside we are still in a chase of someone better. We all give up on good relations because we think we have an unlimited amount of options.

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