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Security is like oxygen to the lady a man has proposed to. She starts asking herself all sorts of questions. One thing that delays her acceptance response is her inability to get answers to all the things that bother her mind or her security. Yet not many men know this, so they keep mounting pressure on her instead of giving her enough time and becoming a friend who can help put their worries to sleep.

Many ladies accept proposals out of constant pressure from the guy who proposed or because of friends and familys assurance. These are the people they trust so much and believe, know better and have made her feel safe in the past; their words become green light. These are some of the things that may delay her response or cause her to turn down proposals. She wants to know whether he truly loves her, soul and body, or just her body. For she believes that if a man loves her soul, she has a permanent place on his mind and even though he might not always be at the same place with her, he will always carry a piece of her with him.

If she has a place in her man’s mind, he will not forget her. He will make time to always be with her, check on her and he won’t replace or erase her. But if he loves her body alone, she wont be on his mind. He will easily forget about her or replace her easily. Since she has no place in his mind, he can easily fall for someone as soon as he leaves her presence.

Secondly, she wants to know if she is a priority or he has someone else who matters most to him. She wants her man to put her first, make time out of his busy schedule for her. She is not ready to compete with others for a spot in a mans life so if you claim you love her; you should make her feel she is a priority. Let her know you are not seeing or talking to any other women like the way you talk to her.

You are not looking at any other women the way you look at her. And if you are looking at her the way you look at other women, she doesn’t feel safe with you and won’t want to be with you. If you are talking to her the way you talk to any other women, she doesn’t feel safe with you so she won’t want to be with you.

And when you lie or pretend, making her believe she is a priority which she is not, that you love her body and soul which is not true, that you talk and look at her alone with love which is not true, she feels hurt and disrespectful. It’s not how much money you give her or how many promises you make her, but how sincere and honest you are with her. If you can’t treat her with honesty, she doesn’t see you as a serious man for your lies make her feel like a kid, which she is not.

Ladies, don’t just agree to be in a relationship or accept proposals because of assurance or advice from people. Make sure you feel safe and secure with the man first. If he is hiding something from you, there is a chance he is lying to you. It also means he doesn’t respect you. A man who does not respect you will only use and dump you. Don’t be wowed by charm and charisma, how much he earns or what he drives. If he is not honest with you, he doesn’t love you.

In conclusion, “And let us not get tired of doing what is right, for after a while we will reap a harvest of blessing if we dont get discouraged and give up” – Galatians 6:9 (TLB).

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