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If you are dating a man who is a miser, who cannot give, who is too busy for you, doesn’t pay attention to your feelings, needs, you are with the wrong person. You will never lose your woman by chasing money. But you’ll lose her by chasing another woman or spending on another woman. You are simply telling her; she is not beautiful enough for you. So, your woman looks for the new woman you are chasing just to compare herself and find out what this woman has that she lacks.

You won’t lose her by being busy with work but you will lose her when you cannot take a few minutes off your time or busy schedule to check on her or find out what she is doing. When you do that, you are just telling her that you are busy but not too busy for her. You carry a piece of her with you. A great husband is never too busy for his family or wife.

Thirdly, being a great husband means being a model for your children. Become the man you want your sons to be and the man you want your daughter to bring home one day as a husband. When you learn to become such a man, you can be sure you children will make a good choice when it comes to marriage and your wife will also be proud of you.

Fourthly, being a great husband is being a faithful man, who knows the value of his family and the woman he is married to. Such a man doesn’t cheat and play smart. Women have intuition, even when they have no evidence you are cheating on them, they can feel it. Never underestimate your woman’s ability to find out the truth.

Lastly, a great husband is a man who needs no reason to love his wife and family but thousands of reasons to leave her or divorce. He doesn’t go around looking for reasons to leave knowing he will need thousands if he has to do that. Because of that mindset, he is committed to his wife and family and gives out his best. Only the wise will Understand!LET LOVE REFINE YOU!

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