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When singles start a relationship one of the very things that makes them think they are in love and are with the right person is the long and useless phone conversations. Spending hours on the phone talking or chatting about nothing and term that as love.

As the relationship travels the distance, they realize the conversation doesn’t last as it used to in the beginning and they are quick to conclude their partner has changed. It is because there is nothing to talk about so priorities have changed.

The fact that you spend long hours on the phone chatting or talking about nothing to someone does not mean you have found love. Love goes beyond empty words. To love is to care. To care is to show your love and not to tell a story.

The fact that he is the first person who calls you each morning, to check on you and ask if you have eaten does not mean he loves you. He loves you when he thinks beyond the words, realizes one needs food to be satisfied and not merely asking if they have eaten without doing anything beyond that.

Caring is not lip service, to care means to think of what the one you love needs tomorrow and wanting to do that for them today. So instead of asking if they have eaten without doing anything about your findings, you should rather think of meeting that need by providing the food.

Love is not interviewing someone, it’s about being thoughtful about the person. Waiting for your partner to make a request before you come to their aid does not necessarily make you a caring partner.

Loving someone is just like loving yourself. You don’t ask yourself if you are hungry before you look for food. You anticipant you will need food and want to make provision ahead of time. Such an act is call caring.

Love is not about how beautiful someone’s face is. These days people are in love with appearance so they spend all the time staring at pictures of the one they claim to be in love with. Some guys even do the unthinkable by masturbating with the pictures of the one they claim they love.

Such are not acts of love but rather lust. Love is how beautiful one’s heart is, that is demonstrated in our gestures towards them. So if he or she is doing something beautiful from the heart to show their love, and it is not how pretty you are on your Instagram page, you can be sure they are in love with you.

Don’t let anyone love you with their lips, love goes beyond that, true love comes from the heart. They should love you from the heart. Not according to their mood and needs but by their willingness to serve you.

Don’t be a jewel that pleases someone’s eyes because of your look, but become a treasure that pleases their heart because they have a good heart and you are in their heart. It’s not what they see about you but what they feel for you that matters.

They should give the best of themselves to you because you truly deserve it, for you deserve a love that is unconditional and not conditional.

“My children, our love should not be only words and talk. No, our love must be real. We must show our love by the things we do” – 1 John 3:18 (ERV).

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