Singles especially, need to understand that not every relationship is meant to work, some relationships are just to teach you valuable lessons. Some relationships will end up in tears and the earlier you have that at the back of your mind, the better it is for you so you can prepare for the outcome.

Those who don’t know this simple truth are the ones who go around asking people they barely know to promise them that they won’t disappoint them. Some singles don’t even know what they want or are looking for, yet find themselves in a relationship. They need some lessons to guide them in making the right choices in the future.

Sometimes the best candidate to teach them such valuable lessons is the wrong person, the person whom they won’t end up marrying. And if they learn from such a person they won’t end up in a bad marriage in the future. The wrong person will teach you who the right person is by doing what you don’t like or treat you in a way you don’t want to be treated.

And when you learn your lesson very well, you end up making better decisions. When you decide to go into a relationship in the future, you will know what you want and what you don’t want. You will know what to accept and what to reject. You will realize that the second time is better than the first time.

Singles need to know that having failed relationships does not mean you will end up with a wrong partner. It is like saying that travelling on a bad road, might end you up in a bad city. It is just like saying because it is raining heavily now, the sun won’t shine again. Sometimes you need the rain before the sunshine, and without the rain, there won’t be sunshine.

Our paths are different from our destination. You need to know your destination and never lose hope no matter how bad the road or journey turns out to be. Anytime we mistaken our path for our destination, or confuse the two, we don’t end up at our destination. We give up easily, we throw in the towel.

There are many people who have given up on love, relationship and marriage because they dated a wrong person or someone hurt or disappointed them. Those who hurt or disappointed you had a message for you but sadly you had too much tears in your eyes to see or read. The message was “we are not the right person for you”. The right person is ahead.

You can only get to the right person when you learn to let go the wrong person. You can only get to the right person when you let go the person you thought was the right one. You need to forget what is gone and look forward to what is coming next.

Forgive yourself if you have to. Sometimes we are blinded by emotions and as a result we end up on the wrong path and that is how we meet wrong people. The good thing is that, they help us to gain our sight back, a process which is painful. You are not a bad person because you got yourself involved with a bad person in the name of relationship or love. The truth is, sometimes people with a good heart don’t see the bad in others, even with the bad person, they still try to find good in them.

What you should not do is to waste your time and attention on the wrong person after finding out they are not right for you. Doing that is one of the most expensive things. It will cause you pains; it will cause you your happiness and even your life.

In conclusion, “For there is hope for a tree—if it’s cut down, it sprouts again and grows tender, new branches” – Job 14:7 (TLB).

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