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Love, that feeling that sometimes can’t be explained, the plenty butterflies in the stomach when talking to the person you’re in love with. I don’t need to talk much on that, we all know the details of how it feels to be loved or to be in love. Another dimension of love is loving your child or children. You would see yourself in the child and won’t be able to curtail the joy or happiness.

This also extends to nieces, nephew, cousins and not only biological children. After I put to bed, my husband carried the baby and was full of joy seeing his image in his child (especially as she even look like him, smiles), his love for her grew per seconds. What do I want to bring out from that? My husband taught me a lesson that day and that’s what I want to share with you.

Do you know that the way my husband is feeling is the exact way God feels about you because you are his image? He feels happy when He sees you and wish to love you more if you would allow Him. His love for you is even far more than this earthly one, He is love.

We care for those we love, we are committed to see them happy, all these within our capacity. Now imagine such care and love from the One who has all things in His capacity. He only request for your heart, for you to accept Him as your Lord and Saviour Jesus is calling you again today, He wants you to be a partaker of this real love, are you ready for Him?

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