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I speak the truth all the time without taking sides with a particular gender. I guess that’s a reason my articles are well enjoyed and circulated around the world. Cheating on one’s spouse or lover is very wrong and I condemn it with the strongest of terms. A cheater is insensitive, callous, wicked and evil. Cheating is a betrayal of the highest level.

Some days ago, I disabused the mindset of many ladies towards men because public opinion shows that most women think that all men cheat. Many have settled down with the belief that men can’t help but cheat no matter who they’re. But I debunked that lie stating that I have never cheated once and so it’s with millions of men around the world.

Since many men keep cheating despite all advice to stop it, I thought of a different approach that could reduce it at least to the barest level. My advice was that ladies who date or sleep around with the married men should henceforth refuse to do so and see how these cheating married men will see who to cheat with again.

Before we got married, my wife told me how as a single then some married men were trying to date her. As soon as she knew those men were married she stopped conversation with them. Even now that she is married some single and married men are still interested in her but she won’t give them face. That’s what I expect all the women, especially the single ladies that these cheating men keep approaching to cheat with to do also.

Ladies, you can’t continue to complain or give up yet in this fight. While you pray, please reject the offer of these cheating married men. As a man, many ladies chat me up sometimes to seduce me. Some send me their semi-nude pictures but I am never interested and I shun them up immediately. I have never given a thought to the sex passes they are making at me. I fear God.

I love and respect my wife and family. Please men, stop cheating on your wife. As a man I have lively hormones so I also face sexual temptations like you. But I won’t just succumb to the side chick. My wife is more than enough. So should also your wife be to you.

Dear ladies, cheating is not something that can be successfully combatted without the active cooperation of the ladies themselves. While I teach and encourage the men to lead a godly and disciplined sexual life, I am also teaching and encouraging our ladies to get more proactive against this societal vice called cheating by rejecting all the married men wanting them out. To our men: stop cheating on your wife.

It’s very wrong. Cheating is the betrayal of trust at the highest level. Would you be happy if another man is cheating with your wife? Stop hurting your wife and family. Stay faithful to your wife. To the ladies: dating and sleeping around with the married men is very wrong.

Please stop that lifestyle. Do you know that you’re involved with another lady’s husband? Will you be happy if married, another woman does same to you? Ladies and gentlemen, together we can end cheating and make our relationships and marriages better. Written By Coach Joshua.

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