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The Kind Of Men and Female, Ladies Should Befriend



1) Find male friends who warn you when you are heading in the wrong direction, not men who watch you walk into a fire and think its none of their business

2) Find male friends who respect the woman you love, not the ones who incite you to mistreat her and take her for granted

3) Find male friends who you can trust with your children and can mentor them, not those who are horrible role models

4) Find male friends who invest with you, not those who waste your money as they drink with you

5) Find male friends who are about making a legacy, not just making money

6) Find male friends who will value your family and understand why you need to go home early, not those who rubbish your home and steal your family time

7) Find male friends you can vent to and open up to, not those you pretend you are buddies with but you can’t trust with your struggles

8) Find male friends who will rebuke you when you don’t treat your wife right, not those who encourage you to slap and dominate her

9) Find male friends who will tell you tough truths as a brother, not those who stroke your ego because they want something from you

10) Find male friends with a vision and who sharpen you like iron sharpens iron, not those who are comfortable in being lost and waste your greatness

11) Find male friends who want to talk about life issues and the state of your inner man as they pray with you, not those who all they talk about is sports

12) Find male friends who teach you how to respect women, not those who lure you into talking about women as sex objects and trophies

13) Find male friends who seek solutions, not those who talk big about politics but do nothing to impact society.


1) Find lady friends who pray and inspire, not those who gossip

2) Find lady friends who respect your man, not those who trash him

3) Find lady friends who snap you out of your negativity, not those who join you in complaining and feeling sorry

4) Find lady friends who you can rely on to take care of your children in case of an emergency, not those you can’t trust to model values to your young ones

5) Find lady friends who bring you progress and peace, not those who bring you drama and scandals

6) Find lady friends who give you good advice born out of sisterly love and wisdom, not those who mislead you due to their bitterness and jealousy

7) Find lady friends who invest with you and tell you of opportunities, not those who are OK with their current season as they tell you juicy news about others

8) Find lady friends who are happy for your growth and want you to succeed, not those who see you as a threat

9) Find lady friends who respect your love life, not those who make moves on your man

10) Find lady friends who challenge your mind, not those who only talk about beauty and trends

11) Find lady friends who will bless you, not those who will drain you and use you

12) Find lady friends who will calm you down when you are about to make an irrational decision, not those who cheer you on as you mess up

13) Find lady friends who keep your secrets, not those who pretend to be good to you only to share your private matters with others and betray you

Look for friends who bring you peer influence, not peer pressure

You may need to change your friends after reading this.

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